This group is for lessons program graduates who want to take swimming to the next level. They generally practice two days a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. The Coaches evaluate each swimmer and will decide when lessons swimmers are ready for Minnows and recommend when they should graduate to the Sandsharks team practices.



Sandsharks (Swim Team Prep) 

Sandsharks is an entry level swim team group. Sandsharks is designed for swimmers who are 8 and under and can swim 1/2 lengths of the pool (12.5 yards). In our Sandsharks program swimmers will learn and become comfortable with basic body balance skills and awareness in addition to being introduced to the four swimming strokes, turns, and starts. The emphasis of this group is to build the appropriate kicking and balance skills to lay the foundation for swimming excellence as they progress through our program. The overall goal of Sandsharks is to prepare them to enter the first developmental group of our Tigersharks program (White). 


White (Developmental Group) 

White group is the first developmental level for the Tigershark program. Swimmers continue to develop skills learned in Sandsharks and will begin to advance their skills with more challenging drills that will develop proper stroke technique. Swimmers will spend a large amount of time working in proper stroke technique, developing a strong kick, practicing proper turns, and working on proper dives. Swimmers in this group will participate in our league meets (SMSL) throughout the season. Those who are interested may also participate in USA Swim Meets as well upon approval by the Head Coach.


Orange (Intermediate Group) 

Orange group is the intermediate level for Tigersharks. Swimmer in this group must be able to successfully swim all 4 strokes, complete proper turns, and have proper starts. Swimmers in this group continue to develop  their proper swimming technique but learn other important aspects of swimming such as pace, interval swimmers, how to read a pace clock, how to follow along in sets, a wide variety of drills for each stroke, and how to perform at a competitive meet. Swimmers in this group participate in SMSL meets throughout the season. Swimmers are entered into meets dependent on their ability and comfort level. Swimmers in this group are highly encouraged to become members of USA Swimming and to participate in local USA Swim Competitions.


Black (USA Swimming Group)-

Black group is a group for our more experienced and seasoned swimmers that wish to make a commitment to USA Swimming. Swimmers must be able to complete a full 2 hour practice and are required to hold a USA Swim membership in addition to maintaining an 80% attendance rate and participate in USA competitions. Black group swimmers participate in dryland training twice a week through at Blackhorse Crossfit. Swimmers here use the skills and proper technique learned in early groups to perfect their swimming strokes and prepare them for a higher level of competition. Focus in this group is preparing the swimmers for State Championships, Zones, and Junior Nationals.



​The Gray group is geared for athletes who either want to stay in shape, prepare for their upcoming high school season or as a stepping stone from Orange to Black.  Their are no attendance or meet requirements for this group.  Practices will consist of both a dryland and swimming workout. Swimmers must be proficient in all four strokes and be able to complete a 2 hour practice/5,000 yds.