Winter 2019 SMSL Meet Schedule


ALL Ypsilanti Otters Swim Club (YOSC) Meet Days

Below is the list of YOSC SMSL Meet Schedule. We run either dual or tri meets, and each meet has a specific stroke focus. Below is the list of the focus of the meet and the teams we will be swimming against. In order to compete in the Championship meet at the end of the session a swimmer must have competed in at least 1 League meet. 

The Ypsilanti Otters Swim Club (YOSC) SMSL Swim Meet dates will be open soon for registering. For the home meets, we will need families to volunteer. Look over the “job sign-up” list to learn more.

Winter 2019 - YOSC SMSL Meet Schedule

1/17/19 (Thurs) - Backstroke Meet – HOME vs. Brighton

2/7/19 (Thurs) - Breaststroke Meet – AWAY @ MACK

2/5/19 (Tues) - Butterfly Meet – HOME vs. Chelsea

2/21/19 (Thurs) - Mid-Distance Freestyle Meet – HOME vs. Pinckney

2/26/18 (Tues) Individual Medley Meet –AWAY @ Whitmore Lkae


Winter 2019 YOSC SMSL Championships – Brighton

Your swimmer must have competed in at least one meet to qualify to swim at Championships. Our coaches will plan the line up based on this information.  Please accept or decline for each swimmer. More detailed info will be sent to families before the championship meet.

March 16, 2019 (Saturday) AM – 8 & Under

March 16, 2019 (Saturday) PM - 9/10 swim

March 17, 2019 (Sunday) AM 13 & Up

March 17, 2019 (Sunday) PM 11/12

In order to participate in Championships a swimmer must compete in at least 1 Ypsilanti Otters Swim Club (YOSC) SMSL Meet

Some swimmers or parents feel that they are not ready for a swimming competition yet. The only way to be comfortable and confident in the water is to try out all aspects of swimming. Even if a swimmer can only do one race, that is enough to get them into the sport of competitive swimming. The way we create an atmosphere of teamwork and community is to get everyone cheering for their teammates, and the friendship and respect of one another will show in and out of the water. 

This page will be updated with the dates when they are decided upon by the Head Coaches of each team.