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Ypsilanti, MI 48198
How does registration work?

All registration is done online. There is a multi-swimmer discount, and we accept credit cards (there is a processing fee for credit card use). Once you register, you will be "accepted" into the club after we have reviewed/received your  payment, and confirmed that you are registering for the correct level.  Please allow us time to complete this process; your account will not be instantly "active".  

 I am trying to register but it is not working.  Help!

Do Not Log in to try to register.  Simply click on the button that says “Start Registration” and follow the steps through.  It will ask you if you have an existing account or not, choose the right option for you and follow the prompts


 I have an account but I can't log in. Please Activate my Account!

Before each session, we have to "suspend" all accounts before we begin a new registration so that our rosters could be properly aligned in the data base, so don't be concerned if your account is Inactive.  Once you register and are "accepted" into the club, we will active your account. This will not happen right away, even if you use a credit card.  Please allow us time to process the registrations and get swimmers placed in the proper groups.

Why is my account not active yet?  I paid with a credit card for registration

You will be approved into the club after the team administrator approves your swimmers to the correct swim group and accepts your payment.  If you paid by check we will not approve until we receive the check.  Please keep in mind that we are all volunteers and do this work outside of our normal work days and our children’s various activities.  Sometimes more work gets done on a weekend when we have a bigger block of time

Where can I get information about the days & times of the swim groups?

This information is located on our website under the Swim Sessions tab.  

Will Pups Deep & Jr. Otters have make-up practice when practice is canceled due to a meet?

Yes. The opportunity for a practice make-up will be announced in a weekly email.  The make-up opportunity will likely be on a different day than the class is normally scheduled.  

When can my swimmer participate in a meet?

Usually after they can complete 25 yards of the pool doing a freestyle stroke.  It is best to start at a home meet, since there is always a lot of support.  You can always check with their coach to be sure.  Many kids might be afraid at first, but once they try it they have a great time

What should my swimmer bring to a swim meet?

Two towels, suit, goggles, a hoodie or sweats to stay warm between events, drink and small snack, and some cash if they want to purchase any items from the concession stand

How do I find out about the YOSC meet schedule?

The Head Coach sets the meets schedule.  For the Fall and Winter Sessions there are both home meets and away meets.  When the schedule is set, the swimmers' families will be notified of the schedule and it will be posted on the website.  The meets will also be posted on the website and set up in the website for registration and job sign up after the dates have been finalized.  

How do I sign up my swimmer for a YOSC meet?

All meets are listed on the website for you to sign up and accept or decline for your swimmers.  

How do I sign up to volunteer for a YOSC meet?

Our home meets will have a volunteer sign up sheet set up along with the swimmer sign up.  We really depend on our volunteers to help run our home meets.  We need timers, concession help, runners, and help at the score table. It is a great way to get an up close view of the action and learn more about swimming.

How do I find out about the Championships?

At the end of the Fall Session (1st weekend in December) and Winter Session (last weekend in March) there are championships.  

When is the YOSC Banquet?

The week following the championships, there is usually an informal potluck banquet.  This is a way to appreciate the accomplishments of the swimmers at the end of the season.  

When is the Ice Cream Social?

In the Spring Session, there is usually 1-2 fun meets and an Ice Cream Social at the end of one of the meets.  

What are the guidelines or recommendations for swim wear?
  • We recommend goggles for all swimmers, so they will be able to put their faces in the water better.  This will speed up their progress.
  • We recommend swim suits designed for team swimming. They will last much longer and fit better than suits from Target or Wal-Mart.    Some local stores to find speedos and other brand name suits would be Sun n Snow (tell them you are with the Ypsi Otters) or Dunhams. Online resources for suits would be or
Does YOSC have a Lost & Found?

Please remind your swimmers to take all their stuff home with them.  If they see something left in the locker room, they can give it to one of the coaches and they will put it in the lost n found in the office.

What is the YOSC Weather Policy?

If the Ypsi Community Schools are closed due to bad weather, the Otters will cancel swim classes at both pools.  We will send notification via both email and Facebook if this is the case.  We will also notify, to the best of our ability, if there is a sudden pool closure due to pool conditions. We are all hoping for a better and warmer winter than last years' !!

What do I need to know about Ypsilanti High School Parking?

Please do not park in the handicapped spots closest to the school, unless you have a handicapped tag for your use. There are 2 spots there, and it is difficult to see those without any vertical signs, but we do have a family who needs the spot for wheelchair use. Thanks for respecting those spots! 

Please exercise caution when driving in the small lot at the rear of the school.  It is hard to see other cars coming around the curve.  Do Not Park alongside the sidewalks, those are not parking spaces.  Please park in a designated parking place. At times there are also sports teams there along with a school bus, this makes for a very crowded area with little room to maneuver.

Be careful in the parking lot, especially between 5:30 and 6:45 pm.  It will be crowded, and if there is a Ypsi High sporting event it will be full.  Drive carefully please.

Where should parents wait while swimmers are practicing at the Ypsilanti High School?

Parents are not allowed on deck, except to go into the locker rooms to assist their swimmers if needed.

Parents must observe classes/practices from the balcony area.

Please do not disturb the coaches while they are coaching.  We need them to focus on the swimmers, and to be able to establish their authority at practice. 

What are the guidelines or expectations at the Ypsilanti High School?

Do not permit your children to run into that area of the school.  We will get complaints from the school district if this occurs.

What are the guidelines or rules for the Locker Rooms at the Ypsilanti High School?
  • Locker Rooms- if swimmers are kindergarten age and above, they must use the gender-specific locker room.  We have a wide age range of swimmers using both locker rooms and need to respect everyone’s privacy.  We will be overlapping the high school teams at the start of practice in the locker room.
  • No Photos are to be taken in the locker rooms at all. This means no cell phone photos, no iPod photos, no “selfies”.  This is a USA swimming policy and is for the safety and protection of all of our swimmers.
  • It is easier to bring swimmers to the pool ready to swim, with suit under their sweats or clothes.  Have the kids bring flip-flops or crocs for on deck.
  • NO Horseplay or Goofing Off Allowed in locker rooms or on deck.  The coaches will be enforcing this.  You have agreed to an Anti-bullying policy when you registered, and this will be enforced. Remind your kids to behave on deck, in the pool and the locker rooms.
  • The locker rooms are only accessible from inside the pool.  This is for the security of our swimmers.