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Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197

WISC Last 2 HOME Meets (7/17 & 7/24) & WISC Championships @ SKYLINE

Ypsilanti Otters

Otter Families!

Great News! The WISC Championships will be at Skyline! Please ensure your swimmer has participated in 2 meets so that s/he can participate in WISC Championships. If your swimmer needs a ride to a meet or championships, please let us now. We are hoping to have as many of our 48 swimmers as possible at our last 2 HOME meets (7/17 & 7/24) and WISC CHampionships! The meets are usually done by 10:30. More swimmers allow more relays! Relays are worth more points than individual events. Participating in meets is a great way to use everything you’ve learned during practice.  

7/15, 11:59p - Deadline to sign-up your swimmer for the 7/17 meet @ , Meets

7/17 (Sat), 8a warm-ups, 9a start - WISC Home Mid-Distance Freestyle Meet (VIRTUAL). We will not have an opposing team present. 

Go Otters!

Coaches: Bonnie, Bridgette, Colleen, Eric, Emily, Jack, Kerry & Margaret

Board Members: Andrea, Ben, Colleen, Devin, Domonique, Grant, Karthik, Lily, Melinda & Mich