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Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197

YOSC Summer 2021 - Week of 7/19-7/24

Ypsilanti Otters

Otter Families!

Please try to join us for the last HOME meet of the season (7/24). The meets are usually done by 10:30. More swimmers allow more relays! Participating in meets is a great way to use everything you’ve learned during practice.  

If your swimmer needs a ride to a meet or championships, please let us now. We are hoping to have as many of our 48 swimmers as possible at our last HOME meet (7/24) and WISC Championships! 

Thanks to our swimmers and volunteers who participated in the 7/17 Mid-Distance Meet. We were very proud of our Otters! 

We will have normal practice this week and a meet on Saturday. 

Please arrive a few minutes early to complete the paper “Otters COVID daily Check In” form when arriving each day for practice. This check-in must be completed by anyone at practice (coaches, swimmers, parents, etc.) 

Swimmer & Volunteer Signups Deadlines :(Swimmers must attend 2+ meets to be eligible to attend championships)  Swimmers will need to sign up by the deadline to be included in the meet.

7/21, 11:59p - Deadline to sign-up your swimmer for the 7/24 meet @ , Meets

Volunteer Jobs - 7/24 - WISC HOME Meet – Sign up for a Volunteer job for the meet. Go to, Meets to sign up.

7/24 (Sat), 8a warm-ups, 9a start - WISC Home IM Meet v Ann Arbor Y

7/24 (Sat), 11:59p - Deadline to sign-up your swimmer for WISC Championships. With 4 less clubs and fewer swimmers, each day will finish earlier than previous years.  

Volunteer Jobs - 7/26 (Mon)-7/29 (Thurs), Sign up for a Volunteer job for Championships. Go to, Meets to sign up.

7/26 (Mon)-7/29 (Thurs), 8am warm-ups, 9am start, WISC Championships @ Skyline HS

7/26 (Mon) 13+

7/27 (Tues) 9-10

7/28 (Wed) 8 & under

7/29 (Thurs) 11-12


7/29 (Thurs), Last Day of Summer Session - PotLuck, Paper Plate Awards, Socially Distant Games, Post-Season Swim Group Assignments. 


Board Election (Virtual)  - See upcoming board changes and opportunities below.  

  • We will have an election to elect our Board Members. A Virtual Election Form will be emailed around 7/25. Each family is allowed 1 vote. Our Bylaws allow a maximum of 10 Board Members. The majority of our Board Members will be renewing for another 2-year term. There are 3-4 positions which will be open to new Board Members. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in joining and/or would like further information. 

  • Board President - Melinda Keillor’s last day as Board President is 7/29. 7/30 Devin Fredrickson will be the new Board President. 

  • Treasurer - Andrea Moser is our current Treasurer, but would like to pass this role to someone else. Please email [email protected] if you are interested or would like further information. 

SMS TEXT Alerts  – Log into your account and verify that your cell & carrier are in the SMS field to enable text alerts. Each account can sign up 2 cell #.

Email Notification & Alerts  -  Log into your account and verify that you set up to get our emails. Each account can have 3 email addresses to receive emails.

Swim Caps  - We have some latex swim caps ($2.50 each) and 3 silicone swim caps ($10 each) available for purchase.

Donation for Coach Gift  - We are collecting money for a gift for our summer coaches and will be presenting the gift to them on 7/29 at our Summer Banquet. If you would like to contribute, you can give the donation to Melinda Keillor or Devin Fredrickson. Alternatively, you can also drop off the donation in a sealed envelope in the mail slot at 205 Elm Street (2 blocks from Rutherford Pool). Please do not give money to the coaches or parent check-in volunteers. 

Agon Face Masks   - We currently have a small number of each size of masks ($12 each). The masks are adjustable and come in 3 sizes. Samples are available if you would like to see them to determine which size will fit best.

Amazon Smiles    -    Please don't forget to mention to any friends or families that may shop on Amazon to use Amazon Smiles and choose Ypsilanti Otters Swim Club.  Amazon donates 0.5% of your AmazonSmile purchase price to the charitable organization of your choice. Please see    for complete program details.

The Ypsilanti Otters Swim Club is a non-profit organization. Fundraising & sponsorships are necessary to continue our legacy for years to come.

Go Otters!

Coaches: Bonnie, Bridgette, Colleen, Eric, Emily, Jack, Kerry & Margaret

Board Members: Andrea, Ben, Colleen, Devin, Domonique, Grant, Karthik, Lily, Melinda & Mich