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Otter Swim Levels and Groupings

YOSC has multiple groupings to help advance swimmers to a competitive level.  This way the Otters can include all levels of swimmers in the water.  All levels focus on learning the four strokes of competitive swimming and increasing swimmers endurance. While moving up in the levels swimmers will learn flip-turns, side breathing, and competitive starts. Some levels include dry-land practice in addition to the swimming practice, this is important as it helps develop strong swimmers.

Group placement into the following levels is determined by coaching staff based on current swimming ability and training needs. All NEW swimmers must complete a swim test for evaluation and group placement. 


Pups classes (max 6 swimmers)

     Location:  Shallow End of the Pool
     Session length:  10-13-week sessions that meet twice per week for 30 minutes
     Skills gained:  
Water confidence, the basics of strokes 


Junior Otter classes (max 8 swimmers)

     Location:  Shallow end of the pool
     Session length:  10-13-week sessions that meet three times per week for 40 minutes
     Skills gained:  work on front crawl, breathing and diving, and the other three competitive strokes


Intermediate Program

     Location: Swim lanes, split into two levels (yellow and blue)
     Session length: 10-13 weeks with five 60-minute practices available per week
     Skills gained:  work on all four main strokes, starts and turns.
     Meets (optional):  swimmers compete in dual meets, tri-county SMSL meets, and championships. 


Advanced Program

     Location:  dry land and swim lanes, broken into three levels (bronze, silver, gold)
     Session Length:  10-13 weeks, five times per week for 90-120 minutes (dependent on group placement)
     Skills:  increased yardage, race strategy for competing in both SMSL and USA meets
     Meets (optional):  swimmers compete in dual meets, tri-county SMSL meets, and championships.  


Additional details about training programs