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Ypsilanti, MI 48198

Agreement 1 - Medical Release Waiver

I certify that I am the parent or legal guardian for my child(ren). I hereby give my permission for any supervisor, coach or other team administrator associated with the Ypsilanti Otters Swim Club to seek and give appropriate medical attention for our child(ren) in the event of accident, injury, illness. I will be responsible for any and all costs associated with any necessary medical attention and/or treatment.

I hereby waive, release and forever discharge Ypsilanti Otters Swim Club and associated supervisor, coach or other team administrator from all rights and claims for damages, injury, loss to person or property which may be sustained or occur during participation in Ypsilanti Otters Swim Club activities, whether or not damages or loss is due to negligence. I hereby acknowledge that my children is (are) physically fit and capable of participation in all Swim Team activities.

Agreement 2 - Liability Waiver

By registering my child(ren) with the Ypsilanti Otters Swim Club, I agree to participate (or allow my child(ren) and family members to participate) in the Ypsilanti Otters Swim Club, and hereby release Ypsilanti Otters Swim Club, its directors, officers, agents, coaches, and employees from liability for any injury that might occur to myself (or to my child(ren) and family members) while participating in the Ypsilanti Otters Swim Club program, including travel to and from training sessions, swim meets or other scheduled team activities.

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the above mentioned organizations and/or individuals, their agents and/or employees, against any and all liability for personal injury, including injuries resulting in death to me, my child(ren) and/or other family members, or damage to my property, the property to my child(ren) and/or other family members, or both, while I (or my child(ren) or family members) participating in the Ypsilanti Otters Swim Club program.

Agreement 3 - Volunteer Committment

YOSC Volunteer Commitment

It is crucial for non-profit organizations to be supplemented by fundraising and volunteers. Otters are requiring that each family volunteer 10+ hours per session (Fall, Winter & Summer). These hours could be achieved by volunteering at 1 home meet, 1 championship meet and participation in a fundraising activity. The volunteer and fundraising effort participation can be provided by the swimmer's parents, family or any person that would like to support the club on behalf of the swimmer.

Starting Winter 2020, we are changing the Volunteer Committment.

Option 1 - You can choose to Opt out and pay the $40 deposit during Registration.

Option 2 - Volunteering will be logged recorded on each account. You can view the hours recorded for your family at any time. If the 10+ hour Volunteer Committment is not meet by 3/25, then $/per of committment not met will be charged to your debit/credit card on 4/1.

Volunteer and fundraising opportunities will be posted as event on the website at: You can log into your account as any time to check the # of hours recorded for your family. 

Please remember: YOSC is a parent-run, volunteer-run club.? We cannot run home meets, we cannot provide required volunteers at championships or host any fundraising events or opportunities without your help.

Thank you in advance!

Agreement 4 - Anti-Bullying Policy

This policy is being implemented to protect our swimmers and to foster a team environment. All families must agree to abide by this policy when they register for each session.Failure to comply on the part of any swimmers or family members will be ground for immediate suspension from the club and possible dismissal.? If this was to occur, any and all fees paid will be kept by the Otters and will not be refunded. The Otters board and coaches also have the right to suspend locker room privileges if they deem this action necessary for the safety of other swimmers.

Action Plan of the Ypsi Otters Swim Club to Address Bullying

Bullying of any kind is unacceptable at the Ypsi Otters Swim Club ("YOSC" or "Otters") and will not be tolerated. Bullying is counterproductive to team spirit and can be devastating to a victim. The Club is committed to providing a safe, caring and friendly environment for all of our members. If bullying does occur, all athletes and parents should know that incidents will be dealt with promptly and effectively. Anyone who knows that bullying is happening is expected to tell a coach, board member or athlete/mentor.

OBJECTIVES of the Otters?s Bullying Policy and Action Plan:

1. To make it clear that the Otters will not tolerate bullying in any form.
2. To define bullying and give all board members, coaches, parents and swimmers a good understanding of what bullying is.
3. To make it known to all parents, swimmers and coaching staff that there is a policy and protocol should any bullying issues arise.
4. To make how to report bullying clear and understandable.

5. To spread the word that the Otters take bullying seriously and that all swimmers and parents can be assured that they will be supported when bullying is reported.

The USA Swimming Code of Conduct prohibits bullying. Generally, bullying is the use of aggression, whether intentional or not, which hurts another person. Bullying results in pain and distress.

Agreement 5 - YOSC Policies

The Ypsilanti Otters are a non-profit program run by its member families. All tuition and fees pay for the coaches, pool rental, fees and supplies. Administration is done, meets are run and extra funds are raised by the families of the swimmers. In order to keep running, YOSC needs each family to do their share. This group effort helps keep costs down, allowing us to offer our program to the whole community. You must read and agree to the following statements to continue the registration process.

  • Swimmers are not allowed in the pool unless all fees have been paid.
  • THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS OF TUITION PAID. Fees cannot and will not be prorated for students who are not able to attend every practice offered.
  • If practice/class is cancelled due to mechanical failure or hygienic problems with the pool(s), we will try to provide make up time if possible. However, the nature of our pool usage means that there is very little time left over for us to do this.
  • Please understand that we as the board and coaches are not in control of pool repairs and breakdowns.We will do our best to get the pool(s) in working order but we rely on the school system for repairs and maintenance.
  • Our low registration fees reflect this scheduling.
  • The coaches make all decisions regarding group placement for swimmers.
  • Parents are responsible for their children before and after practice and meets, and at all Otters social events. If you are not able to attend, you must designate a responsible adult to supervise your children.
  • Do not leave your children at the pool without making sure there is a YOSC coach on deck.