The Aquajets Swim Team was started by successful swim coach and innovator, Jon Foss, on the premise that the formation of a world-class competitive swim team in the state of Minnesota would help further the popularity of the sport to all young athletes. In 2007, Aquajets was acquired by a non-profit, member-owned entity called the Newjets, Inc., formed by several Aquajets’ parents and coaches. The Newjets/Aquajets Swim Team operates as a tax-exempt entity organized under 501(c)(3) of the IRS. The team is run by an elected Board of Directors with the Head Coach acting as Chairperson. 


Aquajets began in a small, local pool with a handful of swimmers, most new to the sport. It’s goal: to create the best competitive swimming program for every family within the community. Under the belief that Aquajets could “teach each child to think and train like champions,” the program flourished. A key to our success, then and today, is the attention that is given to every participant, keeping each swimmer’s progress in the sport the highest priority. The Aquajets remains a team where every child has the opportunity to succeed and the resources to achieve their goals.

From the beginning, Aquajets has been training its athletes for competition with a strong and constant drive for each individual’s success in and out of the pool. Aquajets emphasizes the teaching of proper technique and racing skills to ensure each participant can swim to his/her fullest potential. We believe in continuous improvement; no matter where a swimmer is on his/her competitive swimming journey, we believe there are still many things to learn. Our focus is on keeping the sport FUN; we make it a priority that participation in the sport of swimming remains a positive experience.


As a testament to the program’s lasting impact, many Aquajets’ athletes continue their swimming careers into adulthood—including swimming for a variety of NCAA college teams (Division I-III) and Masters Swimming programs across the country.

Aquajets continues to focus on the future of the program. In December 2012, Aquajets became the first, and only, team in the state of Minnesota to lease and maintain three competitive swimming pools—creating an unrivaled environment for growth and innovation. The Aquajets' Aquatic Center features three, 25-yard pools (a 5-lane training pool, an 8-lane competition pool and a 4-lane warm water training pool). In addition, the team’s dryland program is on-site and managed by our own experienced coaches. In 2014, the dryland program was expanded with the addition of an 11,000 square foot training center right next to our swimming pools. Dryland training is fully integrated into the program for the entire team.

The Aquajets’ board members, coaches and staff take great pride in our humble beginnings and our athletes' success. We are determined to continue to positively impact competitive swimming in Minnesota far into the future!

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