Our primary concern is for the safety of our swimmers, families, coaches, and other tenants in the building. With that in mind, please follow the drop-off and pick-up policies/procedures outlined below. Click here to view a map of the parking lot. 
If you drop off and/or pick up:
Make an immediate right as you turn into the Aquajets’ Aquatic Center. Proceed to the last row of parking spaces and get in the queue for the front entrance. As you advance to the front of the line, please go as far as the accessible spaces and either drop off or wait for your swimmer(s). Note: Do not block those who need to use the accessible spots, and do not wait in these spots for your swimmer(s). At the beginning of the season, the line tends to be a little slow...but families soon figure it out and things quickly begin to move along more efficiently.
If you park and walk in/out with your swimmer(s) and/or stay during practice:
Enter the parking lot to the Aquajets’ Aquatic Center and drive straight ahead and park along the left side of the building. Then carefully navigate through the parking lot and enter the building with your swimmer(s) through the back entrance stairs leading to the locker hallway. Parents who stay during practice are asked to park along the left side of the building.
For safety reasons, the back entrance of the facility is reserved for swimmers who drive and parents who walk in and/or out with their young athletes