The NATIONAL TEAM is designed for the most committed swimmers 15 and older who have at least two NCSA qualifying times. NATIONAL TEAM swimmers are expected to demonstrate humble excellence to their teammates, younger swimmers, and competitors every day. NATIONAL TEAM swimmers learn and apply the most advanced training and racing techniques in the water, in addition to high-level dryland training, nutrition, mobility and injury prevention, and overall self-care.
Aquajets’ NATIONAL TEAM is designed for the serious, dedicated swimmer who is committed to swimming as his/her main sport and social structure. 
NATIONAL TEAM swimmers must meet the following criteria:
  • Successfully complete daily swim practices of 7,000+ yards/meters.
  • Two or more NCSA qualifying times.
  • SWIM 10 x 175 @ 2:05
  • KICK 10 x 150 @ 2:10
NATIONAL TEAM swimmers may not miss more than three practices in a month.