The SENIOR ELITE practice group is designed to give swimmers 14-and-older a positive and technically sound swimming experience while applying very advanced training techniques and appropriately challenging each swimmer’s ability based on his or her experience in the sport. Aquajets’ SENIOR ELITE-level training group is designed for the serious, dedicated swimmer who is committed to swimming as his/her main sport and social structure. 
SENIOR ELITE is a group for very experienced swimmers 14-and-older, for whom swimming is their primary sport. Swimmers at this level have extensive experience training and competing in all four competitive swim strokes, in a variety of distances. SENIOR ELITE swimmers will focus on refining their strokes through stroke-specific technique drills while increasing their aerobic endurance and anaerobic capacity through challenging swim and kick sets designed to prepare them for the national level or collegiate swimming. The advanced training and racing techniques learned previously are expected to be built upon and practiced regularly. Swimmers considered for the SENIOR ELITE level must meet or exceed the following criteria:
  • Able to successfully complete daily swim practices of 6,000 or more yards/meters.
  • Achieve MN Swim “A+” times or faster in the appropriate age group in at least four events; one must be a 200 yard/meter event.
  • Register a USA Swimming IMX Score.
  • Complete challenge sets including (but not limited to):
    • SWIM 10 x 150 @ 1:50
    • KICK 10 x 125 @ 1:55
  • Attend a minimum of five two-hour practices offered each week of the six offered. (83 percent practice attendance)