Charles River Aquatics Masters located at the Boston Sports Institute, 900 Worcester Street, Wellesley is dedicated to creating an enthusiastic training environment that provides mentally and physically stimulating workouts to a diverse group of athletes ages 18 and up. Whether you’re a first-time Masters swimmer or an Olympian, it is our priority to assure that each member, regardless of ability level and experience, gets the most out of their investment and commitment to our program.


QUESTIONS? Contact Head Coach Jen directly. 

HARVARD'S BLODETT POOL UPDATE 9/22: At this point, we will not be starting practices back at Harvard and it is unknown when/if this will happen, unfortunately. We know that this news is going to be frustrating for some, please know that it is frustrating for our coaches too! There is a shortage of lifeguards and Harvard does not have them for the early swim practice at this time. Please feel free to reach out to Head Coach Jen with questions. 

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