Mission Statement

The Edina Swim Club prepares swimmers of various abilities to achieve the highest level of the sport. Edina Swim Club combines fun and hard work within a safe, healthy, and positive environment that produces long-term success of its athletes in the pool and as good citizens.

Core Values

Excellence ESC seeks to provide an environment that encourages excellence in performance.
Love of Swimming ESC strives to create an atmosphere that fosters a love of the sport and encourages fun and enjoyment in practice, competition and other club activities.
Sportsmanship ESC celebrates the positive aspects of competition - those that elevate the performance and confidence of athletes - and takes care to avoid actions that in any way might contribute to lowered performance or self-esteem of swimmers.
Teamwork ESC values teamwork as a crucial element of swimming, recognizing that teamwork allows the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts, while the lack of teamwork results in unrealized potential.
Competition ESC strives for a competitive environment that encourages excellence in performance, is safe and contributes positively to all swimmers as they gain experience in dealing with competitive pressures in swimming and other aspects of life.
Integrity Parents, coaches, and swimmers of ESC are expected to demonstrate integrity, honesty and sincerity - as well as respect for all individuals – at all times.


ESC engages in a multi-level competition program with other USA SWIMMING clubs that provides challenging, yet success-oriented, competitive situations for swimmers of all ages and abilities. Our philosophy toward competition is described below:
  • Continuous improvement in the swimming performance of each individual is the primary objective of competition. Thus, ESC emphasizes competition with oneself aimed at achieving, over the long run, faster times. Winning titles, ribbons, medals, or trophies is secondary to the growth and improvement of individual swimmers.
  • In competition, sportsmanlike behavior is valued as highly as improved performance. Coaches work to teach swimmers to behave like champions whether they have a “good” or a “bad” swim. Respect for officials, congratulations to other competitors, encouragement to teammates, determined effort, and mature attitudes are the champion-like behaviors rewarded by ESC.
  • In preparing for competition, swimmers should set realistic, yet challenging, goals -- and direct their training efforts to achieve those goals.
  • In order to promote versatility and exploration of potential in a wide range of events, swimmers are prepared and encouraged to compete in a variety of swimming events, distances, and strokes.