Edina Swim Club

Competitive Swimming for Ages 6 and up


Speedo is our vendor for athlete gear. Click on the link below to take you directly to our items on the Elsmore Swim Shop website:
Elsmore Swim Shop

These items are sold through the Edina Swim Club office: office@edinaswim.com

Green Edina Latex swim cap: $6.50
Green Edina Silicone swim cap: $13.50
Edina Swim Club Water Bottle - $18


Personalized caps are ordered once or twice a season, by our team administrator. You will get an email from the office to order. If you would like to order personalized caps at other times throughout the year, please contact the office for pricing and the office will place the order via Elsmore.

These items which are sold out of the office, will be available for purchase during home meets and anytime throughout the year. Green Edina Speedo swim caps may be available for purchase during away meets - please check ahead of time by emailing the office to be sure coaches have extra on deck at the meet for sale.