How do I contact my child’s coach?
Email is the most preferred way to contact your child's coach. You are welcome to find them at the pool before or after practice as well. Click here for list of coaches.


What types of questions should I direct to my child’s coach?
Any 'wet' side of swimming questions should be directed to your swimmers coach. For example, what meets should your swimmer attend? How can you help my swimmer not get dq'd? How can you help my swimmer with his/her starts/turns?


Who do I contact for billing and registration questions?
Contact Julie McCarthy in the swim club office with any billing and/or registration questions. She can be reached at or (612) 308-5362. If you are not sure who to contact, start with the office.


How will I receive general information and team updates?
The coaches and the swim club office will send emails out frequently. These may include information about upcoming meets, practice changes, and any other pertinent information. Please be sure to read them. If you don't see any emails coming to your inbox, be sure to check your junk/spam folders for Team Unify emails. There are 3 additional fields for emails in your swim club account, besides the login email. These can be used for other family members who would like to receive emails. You can add these by logging into your swim club account, click on My Account, and then My Account again. Be sure to click SAVE at the bottom upon completion.


How do I navigate the website?  (do I need to be signed in?)
To be sure you are viewing all member information, sign in to your swim club account. The website contains a lot of valuable information that will help you in the swimming world. Take some time to poke around the various tabs and drop down topics.


Are there any other websites or apps that I should know about?
There are some terrific swim websites that you should take a look at. Click here for website links.

The apps you should consider adding to a mobile device:

  • ON DECK  - you can login using your Team Unify password
  • MEET MOBILE - access to meet results
  • DECK PASS - access to athletes USA Swimming account