We hope that you are all doing well and staying safe during this stay at home period.  As we navigate these unprecedented times, the Board and the coaching staff have been working hard to understand the implications for and impact on the Edina Swim Club.  As you are all aware, the club is currently on our spring break period, with activities originally schedule to resume on April 8 for 13&O swimmers and April 13 for 12&U swimmers.  Given the current restrictions in place from Governor Walz, it is clear that we will not be starting our season in the pool until the beginning of May at the earliest, however, that does not mean that we will be idle as a team between now and then....
See your email for complete team update email sent to members on March 30, 2020.

Masters Fees

General Member:  $55/month
2nd Swimmer in Family:  $45/month

Edina Swim Club parent:  $45/month
2nd Edina Swim Club parent:  $35/month

Student / Senior Member:  $35/month
(Student: 19-24, Senior: 60 and over)

2020 US Masters Swimming (USMS):  $60/year
USMS Registration

Registration Procedure
Email the following information to office@edinaswim.com

  • Full legal name (first, middle initial, last)
  • Address
  • Birth date
  • Phone number
  • Credit card (Visa, MC, or Discover) - call the office at 612-308-5362 if needed

You will be set up with an Edina Swim Club account and dues will be charged on the first of the month. Each member will need to register with USMS (United States Masters Swimming). This is done on your own.  Every swimmer must have a valid registration card for insurance and liability purposes.

Membership Policy

1. FEES, based on the fee schedule above, are billed to your account on the first of every month. Note: Monthly fees are required of ALL swimmers attending one or more practices in a calendar month.

2. NEW SWIMMERS may have two FREE practices to evaluate the program.  If these two free practices fall between the 1st and the 14th of the month, and you decide to join, you will be charged for 1/2 a month dues. If your two free practices fall after the 15th, the balance of the month is no charge. In order to swim for your two free practices, we will need a waiver filled out and emailed to the office before hand. Please use the link to fill out a trial membership form online:
30 day trial period for USMS.

3. NOTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS:  All requests for extended absences or separation from the team must be emailed to the Edina Swim Club office by the 25th of the month, in order not to billed going forward. No refunds will be given if notified later.