South View Middle School
4725 South View Lane
Edina, MN  55424

South View / Edina Community Center Campus Map

Valley View Middle School
6750 Valley View Road
Edina, MN  55439

Edinborough Park Pool
7700 York Avenue South
Edina, MN  55435

Edina Aquatic Center
4300 West 66th Street
Edina, MN  55435

THE Blake School - Hopkins Campus
110 Blake Road South
Hopkins, MN 55343


Parking: Please use Lot B off Excelsior Blvd, or if full, use Lot D off Blake Rd. Lot A is closed, please do not use this lot.

Building entry: The main office is located next to the football field. It is the only entry point from that side of the building, so you can't miss it.

Pool: After entering the main entrance, hang a right and you will be at the pool and locker rooms!




Procedures and Rules for Swimmers and Parents
at Edinborough Park and Pool

Following are the appropriate procedures for the Edinborough Park facility. Please note - Edinborough does not allow any child of any age to be in the park unless they have paid the park fee and are accompanied by a parent/adult. The Edina Swim Club is renting the swimming pool only - NOT the free use of the park play structures.
  1. Enter the building, check in your swimmer at the customer service desk on the appropriate roster. Walk past the food window and continue to the security door past the rest rooms ~ at the entrance closest to the Track. This will allow better access control for the facility management. You do not need to pay the park entrance fee if you are attending the Gators practice.
  2. For liability and security reasons, doors may not be propped open.
  3. Coaches and swimmers should be the only people on deck during practice.
  4. All backpacks, bags, jackets, boots must be placed on the pool deck. No Gator swimmer items or swimmer will be allowed in the locker rooms.
  5. ESC swimmers may only use the locker room if accompanied by an authorized parent/adult. ESC coaches will NOT be monitoring the locker rooms.
  6. ESC coaches will supervise swimmer departure from practice. Swimmers may not leave practice and exit the building without being accompanied by a parent or authorized adult.
  7. Parents are to use the rest rooms on the main level next to the Park office.
  8. All swimmers must be picked up 10 minutes after practice.  A Coach will remain with all swimmers until an authorized adult arrives. A late fee will be incurred for late parent arrivals. Edinborough facility rules are in effect for the park, gymnasium, pool and locker rooms at 3:30PM
  9. Only pick-up and drop-off are permitted in the cul-de-sac. Police will issue tickets.
  10. Siblings of Gator swimmers may play in the Great Hall (gym) and Adventure Peak (tree house) or any part of the lower level of the park - for a discounted fee of $3.00. Siblings will not be allowed in the park "to watch". Parents and siblings are encouraged to sit at the tables provided on the upper level of Edinborough Park.
  11. Parents and siblings may NOT sit on the scooters in the Great Hall. The scooters are intended for children who have paid the park entrance fee.