Great Wolf Swim Team Levels
The Great Wolf Swim Team offers a program for all ability levels. The goal for our swimmers is to continually improve. Each of the programs listed below is designed to provide the correct level of instruction and participation to keep swimmers improving and having fun!
Consult Lisa Kleinow for any questions you have about which program is best suited for your swimmer!

This is our entry-level program. Swimmers need to be able to easily swim one length of a 25 yard pool. Emphasis is put on learning the four basic strokes, starts and turns. Practice lasts 45 minutes and swimmers are encouraged to attend 2-3 times per week. At this level we require attendance at our smaller meets.

Pups Skills:

Circle swimming, Streamlined push-off, kicking for all four strokes, flip turns, backstroke flip turns, open turns, proper use of a kick board, front crawl with rhythmic breathing on both sides, racing starts from the blocks, backstroke racing starts and finished, two hand finishes, the proper technique for all four strokes.

Equipment Needed:

• Fins 

• Kick Board (recommended)

• Sporti Floating Swim Fins... purchase at : 


This program teaches swimmers more advanced competitive swimming skills and the very basics of training. Practices are for 75 minutes and swimmers are encouraged to attend 2-3 practice a week. At this level attendance at smaller meets is required.

Tracker Skills:

Underwater pull-outs for breaststroke, flip turns and open turns for IM races, relay starts, swim a set with rest periods, swim a set with training intervals, can read their times from a pace clock, know two-stroke drills for each stroke.

Equipment Needed:

• Same as Pups


This program fine tunes strokes, starts & turns and develops good training habits. Moderate training for stroke work is begun. Practice lasts 1.5 hours and swimmers are encouraged to practice 3 or more practices a week. At this level we also require attendance at A, B/C and Championship level meets.

Hunters Skills:

Fine tune stroke techniques, flip turns, open turns, IM transitions, and starts. Know three stroke drills for each stroke, and learn proper technique for streamlines, pull-outs, and break-outs. Improve conditioning and add yardage. Teaching and practice of skills is often at training/ race pace.

Equipment Needed:

• Fins (same as above) 


• Finis Edge Fins

• Finis Hand paddles, the kind WITHOUT straps 

• Finis front mounted snorkel

Alpha Leaders

This is the top-level age group program. These swimmers train hard for both stroke improvement and conditioning while maintaining and improving racing skills. Swimmers are encouraged to practice 4 or more times per week for up to 2 hours. Attendance at A/B and Championship level meets is required.

Alpha Leader Skills:

Develop excellence in race skills, including strokes, turns, tempo, and race preparation.

Equipment Needed:

• Front mount snorkel (any brand)

• Pull buoy

• Hand paddles - recommended

• Kickboard - recommended

• Fins


Experienced swimmers age 13- adult. These swimmers train for stroke improvement and conditioning while improving racing skills. Practice lasts 2-2.5 hours and swimmers are encouraged to swim 4-6 times per week. Attendance at A, B/C and Championship meets are required.

Senior Skills:

The emphasis on this group is on specific training based upon the type of swimmer they are (distance, mid-distance/stroke, and sprint) and stroke corrections are made as needed.

Equipment Needed:

• Ask the coaches