Frequently Asked Questions


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Great Wolf Swim Team

ATTN: Dave Bentz

7218 Aldrich Court N.

Brooklyn Center, MN 55430

  • How good do I have to be to join the Great Wolf Swim Team? You need to be able to swim a full length of a 25-yard pool with rhythmic breathing each time a coach asks. Speed will come with practice.
  • How can I join the Great Wolf Swim Team? To join, look at the calendar to find the start time of a "pups" practice. Come to the pool at that time and we will see which program will be best for you.
  • How soon can I compete in swim meets? Young beginning swimmers should start racing as soon as possible. The Great Wolf Swim Team runs "Mini Meets" for beginning swimmers. Check the meet schedule in the "Meets & Events" section of our web site to find out when the next mini meet is scheduled.
  • What should I bring to a swim meet? Swimmers at a swim meet need the following things to help them have improved performances and more fun.
    • Staying warm - For best performance and comfort swimmers need to stay warm. Small, thin, wet bodies easily get cold. The following things help keep swimmers warm and dry:
      • Towels (two are recommended)
      • Warm-up suit (team warm-ups are preferred but not required)
      • Sandals
    • Swimming fast - The following things help improve performance:
      • Racing swim suit is tighter than practice suit (high performance suits are not recommended for beginning swimmers)
      • Goggles for meets might be different than practice goggles
      • Light snacks for energy between races
      • Water (sugared drinks can mess the pool deck; no carbonated drinks)