Swim Meet Protocol

When Great Wolf is participating in a meet, we ask that all swimmers wear a team cap. Not only does it promote team unity, but it also helps the coaches quickly identify WOLF swimmers during warm-ups or when trying to find a swimmer to make sure they get up for their event. Team caps are identified by having the large Lime Green WOLF printed on the side. The caps we award at our meets such as the “Howl at the Moon” meet are not considered Team Caps and can be worn at practices but not at meets. Following, are our current Team Caps. 

  • Black Caps with Lime Green WOLF. This cap may or may not have the swimmers name printed underneath the WOLF. 
  • State Team Cap. This cap is also black with a Lime Green WOLF. State team caps are for those who have qualified to swim in the State Championships in either a relay or individual event. 
  • Zone Team Caps. These are a new cap that are Metallic Blue with the Lime Green WOLF. These caps designate someone who has qualified to swim at the Zone Championships, by achieving a Zone time, which are held in early August. Because they are only held once per year and swimmers qualify but do not get to participate because the meet has age groups, and the swimmer may age up before the meet happens, we allow anyone who has achieved a Zone time to purchase one of these caps. Actual caps from the Zone meet will be part of the swimmers’ equipment package when they swim at the meet. 
  • National Team Caps. National Team Caps are white with the lime green WOLF outlined in blue and the words National Team printed on the cap. It may or may not have the swimmers’ name. The only way to get one of these caps is to qualify and swim in a designated national meet which has qualifying time standards. These meets do not have age groups and we usually participate in these meets at the end of each season. Common meets are USA Swimming Junior Nationals, US Open, NCSA Junior Nationals etc. If you qualify but do not go you do not get a cap. 

Fun Caps From time to time we may print an off-color cap with our logo such as the pink cap or multicolor cap. These are caps to wear at practice and we prefer them to not be worn at meets unless we designate a special meet for them.