High Tides Groups


Pre competitive

These groups are considered an introduction to swimming, focusing on technique as it applies to competitive strokes/racing. Registration is through Hutchinson PRCE.  
tigers 10 x :45 practices (2.25 hours/week) per class  
    Able to swim a width of the pool. Should have passed Red Cross level 3  
sharks 10 x :45 practices (2.25 hours/week) per class  
    Able to swim 50's of freestyle and backstroke.  
High Tides Competitive Groups  

Each swimmer is assigned to a specific practice group by the coaching staff after an initial skill evaluation when joining the team. The Coaching staff makes all decisions regarding initial group placement and all subsequent group changes for an athlete. Coaches will initiate communication with parents when a swimmer becomes ready for another group level. Although times are a partial basis for group placement, our program focuses on swimming skills and techniques as well as aerobic and strength conditioning, and works to ensure success for swimmers as they move through levels so they will be comfortable and consistent with the demands of the group they are moving into. Swimmers will be required to master certain skills, perform at specific levels in training, and exhibit certain behavioral criteria to be promoted to the next swimming level.

Age group (typically 13 and under)  
These groups are considered our competitive program for developing swimmers. These swimmers will be guided through the levels of competition they are developmentally ready for, learning about themselves as athletes along the way.  
white Requirement: Able to swim 50's of freestyle and backstroke.  
silver Requirement: Able to complete 50's in all four strokes, and 100 im.  
black Requirement: 1 MN gold time in a 9-10 age group event. This is our highest level of age group competitive swimming.  
Senior (typically 12 and over)  
These groups are considered our competitive program for developed swimmers. These swimmers have a maturity level that enables them to be self motivated and responsible for their swimming success.  
maintenance Gold or Championship swimmers not ready to make a full commitment to swimming with the High Tides. These athletes are staying in shape or preparing for their upcoming high school sport season. A maximum of 3 practices a week and drylands are included.  
gold Requirement: Able to swim 100's in all four strokes, and a 200 im.
These swimmers are working towards qualifying for the Championship group.
championship Requirement: 1 MN gold time in a 13-14 age group event.   These athletes are fully committed to swimming and the team as a priority and will show that commitment through being a good example at all times and by participating in meets for the club, including their highest qualifying championship competition each season.