Long Course Season 2022

Summer Session will run May 31st - July 29th, 2022.  Summer practice fees are one lump sum amount but may be broken down into 2 payments.  Also due is a Seasonal USA Swim Registration if your swimmer was not in the water during any part of Short Course Season 2021/2022 or Spring Session 2022.  

   Long Course Season 2022 (Summer Session Only)

Registration Group


Summer Fees



12 & under



12 & under



12 & under



13 & over



13 & over



13 & over


USA Swimming 2022 Seasonal Athlete Registration Fee of $38.00 - Valid from April  - August 31, 2012 is due at time of registration ONLY IF your Annual Registration/Membership fees were not previously paid during 2021/2022 Short Course Season or Spring Session 2022. The Outreach Athlete Fee of $5.00 is available for Scholarship swimmers only."


*If you are applying for a scholarship, please email your scholarship and free/reduced lunch forms to [email protected]. The Board of Directors will review all applications in an Executive Committee meeting to ensure confidentiality.

Questions? Contact the Registrar at  registrarhsc@gmail.com