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Opening Procedure

Head Coach RJ or an Assistant Coach will have the side pool door propped open.  This will serve as the entrance only door for all swimmers/volunteers/parents. Please make sure the entrance only sign is hung on the correct door.  The opposite door will serve as the exit only door for all, please make sure the exit only sign is hung on the correct door.  

A table will be available near the entrance/exit doors.  The table will have the Daily Sign In Sheets in addition to all the COVID-19 safety policy and procedures.  Also, included will be hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes/cleaning solutions and gloves.  A mask will be provided if you do not have one. 

Tasks for Volunteers

1. Anyone who is entering the pool MUST have their temperature taken and recorded on the Daily Sign In Sheet.  

               Volunteers will fill in the following information on the Daily Sign In Sheet

  • Name
  • Session (Options: 13 Plus, 12 Under or Pre-Competitive)
  • Temperature

Temperatures must be 100° or below to be allowed entrance into the pool.  If anyone has a temperature higher than 100° that person must remove themselves from the pool area.  A temperature retake will be done after 5 minutes.  If after retake, the temperature has not fallen to 100° or below, entrance to the pool will be denied.   The affected swimmer’s parents will be notified that their child/ren will have to be picked up and will not be allowed to practice.  The affected coach/parents/volunteers/other adults will have to leave the pool area.  

Please refer to the COVID-19 Daily Procedure for additional guidance as to when the swimmer/coach/parents/volunteers/other adults would be allowed back into the pool.  

Please give each entrant a dose of hand sanitizer once they have been deemed safe to enter the pool.  This must be done by the volunteer and NOT each entrant.  

Social distancing is required while waiting in any potential line to be admitted to the pool.

2. Upon completion of all entrants,  sanitize door handles and any potentially touched surfaces.  

3. Volunteers may leave once sanitization is complete but must return 15 minutes prior to the end of the volunteer shift to ensure everyone follows the guidelines for leaving the pool area.  


Completion of Practice for all Groups

Head Coach RJ or an Assistant Coach will complete the final sanitization once all groups have completed their practice and left for the day.  This includes collecting all Daily Sign In Sheets and any other potential information collected from entrants.  

We may be required to take down the table upon the start of Tigershark practices when we will need to adjust High Tides practice times.