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Home Page – Up Coming Team Events – Click on the Swim Meet Listed

Edit Commitment – Click on Swimmers Name – Declaration (Yes or No) – Save Changes


You are now able to choose which races your swimmer can participate in, please pay close attention to maximum event limitations and the day/session the races are offered.  Events in black are available for swimmers; races in red means a swimmer hasn’t attained the qualifying time. Once you have chosen your races – save changes. Races are always subject to coach’s approval and relays are chosen by the coach.   

There are times where High Tides hasn’t received the meet file from the host team, when that happens you are still able to commit to the meet just not for specific races.  As soon as the meet file is received you are then able to finish the sign up process. When you see “DEMO” on commitment page you know the file hasn’t been received.  


Any questions on races can be directed to Coach RJ.  

Cell: 320-583-9182 - E-Mail: [email protected]

Thank you! 


OPEN ABC INVITES: Open to all ages regardless of times and/or no seed times.

QUALIFYING INVITES: Open to swimmers who have hit the minimum qualifying time standards being used for that meet.  

MAC (MN Achievement Championships): Open to swimmers who have Bronze times or less.

MRC (MN Regional Championships): Open to swimmers who have Silver and Gold times but have not hit a Championship time.  

STATE: Open to swimmers who have attained a Championship time.