Upcoming Athlete Zoom meetings tomorrow

RJ Greseth

I will be hosting our first 'return to the pool' zoom meetings for all of our swimmers this Thursday (tomorrow).
Meetings will start at 8:30 am for our 13 and over swimmers, and 9:30 am for our 12 and under swimmers. Information about the meetings will be sent out from our website to all current members of our team.
The meetings will be a maximum of 40 minutes, and will cover exercise/dryland for the month, our restart in July, and any other issues that may come up from our athletes.  

It is my hope that the diolouge that starts this Thursday and continues every week through June can create a positive starting point to our return to the pool in July.

look in your email and in the 'events' section of our website for the details of the zoom meeting tomorrow.  I am looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Coach R.J.