This weeks zoom meetings

RJ Greseth

High Tides swimmers,

This week our zoom meetings will be a little later in the day on Thursday. 
The 13 and over meeting will be at 11:00am -- Join 13 and over Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 980 4163 2138
Password: 4LudeR

The 12 and over meeting will be at 11:45am -- Join 12 and under Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 922 0341 6593
Password: 0Gy41Y

I have set up a Google classroom for the entire team for the summer season.
This is something I hope to use more in the future, and I am hoping everyone jumps
on and gets started. Right now, there is a Heart Rate chart for you to add the data
going forward that you've been monitoring, as we've discussed in our previous meetings.
Most of you have said you were familiar with the Google Classroom format,..
if you have problems dont worry, we will discuss it on Thursday. 
The join classroom code is -- 5vbjiey

See you all on Thursday!

Coach R.J.