High Tides update

RJ Greseth

Mums ---  deadline to turn in order forms for mums is tomorrow at practice. I have already received a bunch of them, make sure you don't miss the deadline or you won't get your mums!

Dryland ---  Recently there have been some issues surrounding participation in dry-land sessions. The expectation is that our athletes participate fully and with good effort, with the rest of the team, during this time. Also, tennis shoes must be worn during dry-land sessions. Although these may be considered minor issues, in terms of team culture I feel they need to be addressed. Because of this, I am canceling dry-land for the 13 and over group for the remainder of this week, and having discussions about these issues with the group later in week.

Schedule ----  for the last two weeks of the season will be posted in the next day or so. The Tigersharks schedule is coming out today, and I anticipate that there will be some inconsistencies in the last two weeks of our summer season based on their pool usage.

Have a great week!

Coach R.J.