coaches updates -- meets and end of season

RJ Greseth

High Tides families

I have a couple of updates for the team as we move into what would normally be the wrap up to our Short Course Championship season.

Short Course Championships

Minnesota Swimming will be hosting “The Minnesota Virtual Championship Series”. In a nutshell, each swimmer can post their best time in 6 events that were swum during the qualifying period of March 10 - April 18. I will be working on finding meet opportunities for our swimmers during this period, and will update you all as I find meets for our team to swim in. Complete info on the Championship Series, and meets we will be attending can be found on our meet page (...home/meets) as they become available.

End of season break

Typically, High Tides takes a break between Winter (short course) and Summer (long course) seasons some time in late March. Because of the stops and starts we have encountered so far this season due to COVID, and the extension of the “Championships” for short course, we will not be taking a break in March. All active athletes will continue to be billed by the month for the months of April and May. Our season break will coincide with the end of the school year, sometime in early June. If your swimmer will not be continuing through April or May you can contact me at [email protected]

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me any at time at [email protected] or (320) 583 9182,