WAVE Winter Chill meet details

RJ Greseth

Our first meet in quite a while is now available for sign-up. I encourage all of our swimmers to attend this meet. The entry deadline for the WAVE Winter Chill Challenge in Buffalo, MN is next Tuesday, February 23rd. There are a few important details you should know about this meet as you plan to sign up.

Because of COVID restrictions, a limited number of teams and swimmers are allowed in any session of a meet. Two of the four sessions of this meet became available to us, so we have taken that opportunity for our 12 and under swimmers in the morning and our older swimmers in the afternoon on Saturday. We are allowed a maximum of 24 swimmers in each of those two sessions.

Following is some important info from the meet bulletin.

Sunday Morning Session: Warm-up will begin at 8:00 AM. The competition is planned to start at 9:45. Each team will be assigned a time for their 20 minute warm-up session which will include diving. Coaches will need to be on deck for warm ups to monitor their own teams. Once a team has exited the pool area the next group may enter the pool area to start their warm up.

Sunday Early Afternoon Session: will not start before 1:00 PM. Each session will have a 20 minute warm up time for each team of 24. Refer to the time line and meet communications once published.

Swimmers should arrive no earlier that 15 minutes prior to their warm-up session. Once swimmers are done with their competition session they must leave the building. They can not stay on site for the sessions they are not competing in. Swimmers may participate in only one session per day.

No Concessions: There will not be concessions so please bring your own snacks and be responsible for your own trash. Please bring your own filled water bottle, Gatorade etc. The water fountains will be turned off.

No Locker Rooms: CAN NOT be used for changing during the meet. The Host Team is recommending that locker room use be minimized during the meet.

COVID-19 Procedures/Requirements:   Each team will have an assigned location for their athletes during the meet. Swimmers should bring their own chairs, blankets or towels to sit on. Each team will provide one or two adult monitors to oversee and direct swimmers. The monitors will remind swimmers to stay socially distant and to wear their face masks at all times. Swimmers should bring extra face masks as they may get wet. Plastic bags are required to house the face masks while swimmers are in the pool.

The max persons for the pool area is 49 to include swimmers, coaches and officials. No more than 5 swimmers per lane.

No spectators. Parents may view the meet via livestream. Parents are not permitted to enter the school to help their swimmers get set up.

No locker rooms. Swimmers will need to come dressed to swim.

Warm-ups will remain orderly and by teams. Each invited team will have a designated time for their warm-up while observing the 5 per lane max. The corresponding coaches will monitor the warm-up along with our officials and safety coordinators.

Livestream Link: The link to watch the swim meet live is   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV4yZqFwSadZRpULNFYt-Sw

As things loosen up, there may be more opportunities that become available, and I will continue to look for racing options for our team.