Fees and Billing 

Updated 8/27/18


All swimmers must register and pay dues using our secure online registration system.  Charges for equipment and meet fees are invoiced on the first of each month.​ A debit/credit card is required to be on file.

While outstanding balances are automatically charged to your credit/debit card on the 1st of the month, you can check your balance and make a payment on your account at any time. Here's how:

1. Sign In to Hutch High Tides/Team Unify website

​2. Click My Account

3. Click $My Invoice/Payment

4. Click Make Payment

Monthly Invoices

Invoices are automatically distributed on the 1st of each month.  They are viewable at any time in the member area (My Account/$My Invoice/Payment) of the High Tides website.  You will receive an email around the 20th of the month from the Billing Admin indicating the invoice total due on the 1st of the month.  

Full balance payment is due before the 10th of the month.  An additional grace period will be extended to the 20th of the month for payments to be received & posted.  A late fee of $10 will be applied to all accounts that have a balance due at the end of the month.  (The High Tides will attempt to be flexible about crediting back late fees for extenuating circumstances, for a 1 or 2 time courtesy, or for payments that were received on time but took a few days to get posted to accounts in Team Unify.)

Team Unify Billing Section:

Please take some time to become familiar with the billing area of your Team Unify Member account.  This can be found in the My Account area “$My Invoice/Payment”. The “Current Invoice Summary” section will show the most current invoice due and payments/charges that have been posted during the current month but have not been invoiced yet.  “Your Total Projected Amount Owed” shows the amount that is expected to be invoiced on the 1st of the following month.  This will include the Monthly fees that will be posted prior to invoice generation.  You can also download a copy of any invoice in the “Billing History” section.

Process for Delinquent Accounts

The club wants to ensure the swimming experience is available to all in a positive environment. If you are having financial difficulties the club may have scholarships or other hardship benefits for those who qualify.

  • Members with an account more than 60 days past due will not be allowed to enter meets or purchase team merchandise until the account is paid in full. 
  • Members with an account more than 90 days past due will not be allowed to attend practices. Please do not put our coaches in a position where they have to excuse a swimmer from practice because an account is not paid.
  • The club also has the right to require all merchandise purchases and meet fees be paid prior to ordering the merchandise or entering the meet for accounts that are historically delinquent.
  • Members who leave the club and do not close their balance within 30 days will be subject to legal collections and may be barred from USA Swimming membership.

It is very much appreciated if members can keep their accounts current in order to avoid the extra time required to manage the club’s financial activities.

Prorating and Cancellation Policy

The swimmer's start date will be used to determine any prorated fees. If a swimmer enters the water before the 15th of the month, they will be charged for the full month. If a swimmers enters the water on or after the 15th of the month, they will be charged for half a month. Fees for swimmers moved into a different practice group during the season are pro-rated according to the fee practice schedule of the new group. No other prorating options are available.

If a swimmer would like to stop swimming for any reason prior to the end of the season, they must send the registrar a cancelation notice via email. If you do not notify the registrar, monthly practice fees will continue to be billed. A cancelation notice can be either a full cancelation or a temporary suspension of membership. All cancelation notifications (including the temporary suspension) require a minimum of 5 business days to take effect. The effective date of the cancelation will be used to determine any prorated fees. If a new swimmer decides to leave within the first two weeks of practice, all paid HTSC fees will be refunded. If a swimmer needs to leave the water due to doctor's orders, all paid HTSC fees for the time missed will be refunded. If the swimmer is temporarily leaving due to injury or to participate in another activity, they can notify the registrar to be moved into the “Account Access Only” registration group. If the member exits the water on or before the 15th, a half month fee will be charged. If the member exits the water after the 15th, a full month fee will be charged. No other refunds will be given.

Meet Fees

Meet entry fees will be invoiced to each members account once the final meet entry is available. Families will be debited automatically on the 1st of the month for any meet fees invoiced to their account. Meet fees that are delinquent may cause a swimmer to have their meet eligibility suspended until their account is current.

  • NOTE:  Meet entry fees include Splash Fee, individual event fees, relay fees and a High Tides processing fee.  Members are responsible for all meet fees incurred.  The meet fees are calculated based on the event entries submitted.  Please be sure to verify all the events for your swimmer, as you will be charged based on this list.  The events can be viewed in the same area you commit to attend a meet once the coach has selected the events.  If you do not show up for the meet or skip an event, you are still responsible to pay the fees for that meet/event.  Our Club is charged for all meet entries by the host team, not just for the events swam.

Notifications and Responsibilities of Each Party

  • Parents - All members receive an email notification regarding the charges to your account on or near the 20th of the month prior to the month of charges. You are expected to make a good faith effort to pay your dues and fees in a timely manner.  Payments are due on the 1st of each month and no later than the 10th.  If you have not made payment in full by the 20th of the month, you must call or email the Billing Admin to discuss, or your child will not be allowed to practice, register for meets, or participate in meets until their accounts are paid in full.  It is your responsibility to notify the Billing Admin of any payment issues in a timely manner.
  • Remember to update the expiration date of your credit/debit card before the first of the month, or your card will be rejected which may cause your swimmer's name to be placed on the ineligible list.
  • If a rejection occurs, you will be notified by email from the Billing Admin.  Once you have corrected the error, you must notify the Registrar that the error is now fixed.
  • Treasurer/Billing Admin - It is the responsibility of the Treasurer/Billing Admin to handle all money related issues with the members.
  • Head Coach and Coaching Staff - Working from information provided by the Treasurer/Billing Admin, it is the responsibility of the Head Coach to ensure that ineligible swimmers are not practicing, competing in meets, or registering for meets.