High Tides Swim Club -- Code of Conduct

Statement of Understanding:

All youth members and their parents or guardians are required to sign the code of conduct as a condition of participation, with further understanding that serious misconduct or infractions of established rules and regulations may result in suspension and/or expulsion from the team without refund of dues, and with possible incurred expenses. All members are responsible for their own actions and the actions of family members and guests at our home pool and at other pools while representing the High Tides. All youth and adult members, and their guests are expected to read and understand their Member Responsibilities and to abide by the Code of Conduct as follows:


will set a good example by attending all practices and meets with a positive attitude and demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times.

will show respect for their teammates and coaches by listening to instructions, following directions, and not distracting others.

will abide by all safety rules and rules of host teams/facilities. This includes, but is not limited to: no running on the deck, proper entry into the pool, no "horse play" in the pool, on the deck, or in the locker rooms.

will understand that the use of, possession, or consumption of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or tobacco is prohibited.

will understand that fighting, swearing, cheating, stealing, and dishonesty are prohibited.

will demonstrate respect for the personal property of others, that of the team, and schools.

will not take pictures or videos in a locker room at any time. Use of any recording device in locker rooms is strictly prohibited

will not challenge coach's, referee's, or official's decisions, and follow proper channels for communication.

will not be involved in harassment or hazing of any swimmer, coach, official, or spectator.

will abide by the rules of The High Tides Swim Club, Minnesota Swimming, and USA Swimming.