HTSC Code of Conduct (Appendix A of club's bylaws)  

As a HTSC member (parent, official, swimmer and volunteer), I agree: 

1.    To comply fully with all pool regulations and the direction of the pool staff; 

2.    To follow all directions given by coaches, meet or pool officials; 

3.    To not use vulgar or insulting language directed toward any persons while at any HTSC activity including meets, practice, trips, gatherings, etc.;

4.    To not engage in physically aggressive behavior including pushing, shoving, hitting, or other physical contact directed toward any other person while at any HTSC activity including meets, practices, trips or other team gatherings;

5.    To not engage in any activities that would be a violation of USA Swimming or LSC rules regarding sexual misconduct or sexual abuse; 

6.    To be courteous to all swimmers, coaches, competitors, and other participants in HTSC and USA Swimming activities; 

7.    To strive to do my best at all times and to treat others as I would like them to treat me; 

8.    To not use conduct at HTSC events or elsewhere that would, in the reasonable opinion of the Board of Directors, be deemed to be detrimental to HTSC or the image of HTSC in the community; and 

9.    That my conduct is my responsibility and that the failure of others to conform their conduct to the requirements of this Code of Conduct will not excuse my failure to abide by this Code of Conduct.

Violations of this Code of Conduct may be grounds for disciplinary action. 

USA Swimming Code of Conduct

In addition to HTSC Code of Conduct, all HTSC members will follow the USA Swimming Code of Conduct