Requirements for guests (including college swimmers) participating in High Tides practices.

You must be an athlete member of USA Swimming ($70) or USA Masters Swimming ($45).
Membership in one of these organization ensures that our club, and all of its regular members are insured under USA Swimming’s insurance coverage. You can register with USA Swimming or Masters by following the links above.

For all athletes 18+ years old (in addition to being a member of USA Swimming or USA Masters Swimming)

You must have completed USA Swimming's Athlete Protection Training (ATP).
This training consists of THREE Courses:
(1) Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education (2) Mandatory Reporting (3) Emotional and Physical Misconduct.  
Upon completion of each course, the athlete will receive a completion certificate. After receiving the certificate, the athlete must complete the survey in order to fully complete the course.

You must agree to USA Swimming's Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP).
You can print and sign the agreement and bring it with you, or we will have copies of the agreement at the pool for you to sign.













Masters Swimmers at Practice
Question: A member of the United States Masters Swimming, Inc. practices with a USA Swimming team.
What is the status of the liability insurance for the USA Swimming member club and its members?
Answer: This would be an insured activity. There is an agreement between USA Swimming and USMS allowing their members to practice with either organization as long as a USA Swimming member coach is on deck.