2019-2020 SC Minnesota Regional Championships

Minnetonka Swim Club

Friday, February 28, 2020 — to — Sunday, March 01, 2020



Meet Type

This is a 2 1⁄2 day meet to provide a scored season ending championship for swimmers with verifiable times equal to or faster than the "B" standard but slower than the "CH" standard, regardless of course. All new “CH” times achieved and each individual event winner in events 1000 yd/800 m in length and longer, regardless of finish time, advance to the state meet. In events 500 yd/400 m in length and shorter the highest placing athlete not achieving the championship time standard in their age group and gender by event advances to the state meet. That means, “Win it and swim it!” This is a closed meet. Only swimmers from the MN LSC can participate. Teams must attend their assigned zoned meet. 

Advancing to State

Individual event champions are eligible to advance to State when the event is offered at State. That means, “Win it and Swim it!” 

For 13&O events, 15&O events, entries will be combined by gender for competition and separated by 13 -14, 15-16 and 17&O age groups for scoring and awards. A "Win it and Swim It" qualifier may come from the 13-14, 15-16 and 17&O age groups in these events as well. In an event where an athlete qualifies for state as a “win it, swim it”, THEN ages up prior to state, that athlete WILL NOT be eligible to compete in that event at the state championship. 

2. All swimmers who achieve new “CH” times are eligible to advance to State regardless of whether they are an individual event champion or not. 

Meet Fees

$3.00 MSI Entry Fee, $7.50 per individual splash ($5.50 Splash Fee + $2.00 Facility Splash Fee), $30.00 per relay splash ($22.00 Relay Splash + $8.00 Facility Splash Fee), $5.00 Team fee, $20 Championship gear fee.

With the adoption of Policy 239, attending athletes will no longer have to pay a separate facility fee as set by the different championship hosts. The Championship Facility Splash Fee is created by adding together all of the MAC & MRC facility costs and dividing by the total number of estimated splashes for all sites. This allows all athletes to pay the same individual splash fee regardless of their zoned site and each athlete pays for the splash fee only for those swims they have entered. 

Meet Timeline/Warm Up Information

Friday afternoon session – Warm-ups at 4:50 PM to 5:50 PM meet starts at 6:00 PM. 

Saturday and Sunday Morning sessions: Warm-ups start at 7:20 AM to 8:20 AM, meet starts at 8:30 AM. 

Saturday and Sunday afternoon sessions will not start before 11:30 AM preceded by a minimum of a 60-minute warm-up period

Awards & Program Information

· Individual Events: 1st - 8th place medals. 

· Relay Events: 1st – 8th place medals. 

· Individual Hi-Point Certificates: Top 3 swimmers in each age group/gender. 

  • 8&U that includes points earned in 8&U and 10&U events

  • 9-10 that includes points earned in 9-10 and 10&U events
  • 11-12 that includes points earned in11-12 events 
  • 13-14 that includes points earned in 13-14 and 13&O events 
  • 15-16 that includes points earned in 15&0 and 13&0 events
  • 17&O that includes points earned in 15&O and 13&O events 

· Team Hi-Point Banners: 1st place team in A, AA & AAA Divisions.

· Certificates will be issued for new “CH” and “A” times.

· Awards will be given out to athletes 30 minutes after the posting of the final results, barring complications with the results. 

All individual and relay events will be scored to 24 places. Relays will receive double points. Individual Event Points: 32-28-27-26-25-24-23-22-20-17-16-15-14-13-12-11-9-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Relay event points: 64-56-54-52-50-48-46-44-40-34-32-30-28-26-24-22-18-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 

Programs will be provided via: Meet Mobile, a Pdf on MSI website and a Pdf on host website 

Meet Location & Directions

Minnetonka Aquatics Center 17000 East Lake St Extension Minnetonka, MN 55345 

From the intersection of Interstate 494 and Hwy 7 proceed west 2.6 miles to CR101, proceed north 1 mile to Lake St. Extension. Proceed east .4 miles to the Minnetonka Middle School East. The Aquatics Center is located on the north side of the school. 

Entry Limitations

Age of a swimmer is determined by their age on the first day of the meet. There is a meet maximum of seven (7) individual events (11 with time trials). Daily maximum of four (4) individual events and one (1) relay event. A total daily maximum of six (6) individual events (championship and time trial). Relays do not count against individual maximums. All entries must be verifiable from January 1, 2019 to present. The meet will be seeded with conforming times first and non-conforming times thereafter 

Proof of Times

A qualifying time may be achieved at USA Swimming sanctioned or approved or observed swim. These times are verified through the USA Swimming SWIMS database. 

A qualifying time may also be achieved at a bona fide meet sanctioned and conducted by a recognized organization (i.e. high school, college, YMCA) with verifiable and independently obtainable results published by the meet host or that organization. This proof of time must come from the actual published results of the meet. Each team or individual is responsible for providing their proof of times. 

A swimmer failing to achieve an event's qualifying time standard at the meet must provide proof of their qualifying time if it is not in the SWIMS database. If a time is not proven the entering party will incur a $100 fine. Fines are to be paid to the MN Swimming General Fund. All fines must be paid by the end of the meet. After the conclusion of the meet, swimmers/clubs have one week to prove their times and have their fine refunded. Failure of the team to pay the fine by the first meet of the following season’s entry deadline will result in the team’s charter being suspended until the fine is paid. 

When an event does not have a qualifying time standard but requires a verifiable entry time, the swimmer must provide proof of that time if it is not in the SWIMS database. If the entry time cannot be verified the swimmer will be withdrawn from the event and any times they may have achieved in that event at the meet will not be included in the official results 

Aging Up

Qualifying criterion for regional championship swimmers who age-up between MAC and the MRC: 

Swimmers are allowed to swim the events from their old age group in which they had “MRC” time(s), in their new age group, provided: 

  • They are either 8 becoming 9, or 10 becoming 11 or 12 becoming 13 or 14 becoming 15.
  • They have MRC time(s) in their old age group before the Minnesota Achievement Championships (February 22, 2020) 

“MRC” times made for the younger age group at Minnesota Achievement Championships may not be entered in the Minnesota Regional Championships under this provision. 

This affects only those events in which a swimmer had MRC times for Minnesota Achievement Championships (old age group) and do not now have “MRC” times (new age group). Swimmers being entered under this new criterion must note this on the hard copy of the entry sheet. All seed times must be in either long course meters (seeded first) or short course meters (seeded next), short course yards (seeded last).

Swimmers meeting these criteria should enter the meet with a provable seed time. A note should be sent to the entries coordinator explaining that they are entering under the age-up exception. The swimmer will be eligible to receive awards. Relay eligibility is based on the regional championship criteria for that relay type in their new age group. 



Friday PM Program

Saturday AM Program

Saturday PM Program

Sunday AM Program

Sunday PM Program

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