Our coaches firmly believe that it is critically important for young swimmers to master proper technique in all 4 strokes as well as starts and turns. Our younger groups are largely instructional and emphasize stroke development and body position above all else. Swimmers learn that you must do strokes correctly before you can go fast. A stronger emphasis on training gradually occurs as swimmers mature physically and mentally and move into upper level groups. 

Some exceptions to a group's age range may be made by the coaching staff in order to ensure each swimmer is in the most appropriate group for their skill and development level. Newer swimmers may need to start in a younger or less advanced group in order to gain fundamental stroke technique. Our goal is always to get each swimmer into an age-appropriate group with their peers as soon as they have mastered the necessary skills.


Mission Statement:
Kids First!

Values Statements:
1. We believe that teamwork is essential for success
2. We believe in a community that supports health and wellness for all
3. We promote a culture of continued learning for kids, members, parents and staff