In preparation for the first meet of the season, we want to remind you of where to find information specific to the meet.  All meet information can be found on the RSC website as well as the OnDeck mobile app.  Also look out for the additional emails sent by Coach Annette with attachments specific to the meet.

Parents please wear your RSC gear to show your support and join forces with other parents to cheer on our athletes!

New to swimming and have questions?  Here are some helpful links that will hopefully answer most of your questions:

First Meets

Swimming Terms

Legal Stroke and Turn Situations

Time Standards -  What are they and why are they important?

First Meets - Helpful Apps to Use:


Utilize the Meet Mobile app while at the meet for heat and lane assignments as well as race results


Another great meet app to track race results and progressions over time.  Designed for athletes, parents, coaches, and fans.  Swimmetry helps you get the most out of the sport you love by providing the lates swimming news, race metrics, and live meet results right at your fingertips!

* Search for any USA Swimming athlete, then choose your favorites to get updates whenever they compete in a meet or achieve a goal.

* Analyze a swimmer's races, track goals and time standars, and view progressions using Swimmetry's unique date visualizations.


If your swimmer has been in a sanctioned meet in the past their best times will be available via the App


Another platform to search for your swimmers best times