A/B/C/Open Meets: 

A/B/C/Open Meets are for swimmers of all levels. All members are encouraged to participate. Event categories are divided into “C” times and slower, “B” and “A” and faster.

B/C Meets: 

B/C meets provide an intermediate level of competition for swimmers with “B”, “C” and “No Times.”

A Meets: 

A meets are for experienced swimmers who have achieved “A” times and faster. Team scores are kept and team awards are given.

Minnesota Achievement Championships (MACs): 

This is a Championship meet for those swimmers who have achieved a C time and no faster. This meet is held at the end of each Short Course and Long Course season. This is a championship meet for which coaches will use a training technique called “taper” in preparing swimmers.

Minnesota Regional Championsnips (MRCs): 

This is a Championship meet for swimmers who achieve at least a B time standard, but no faster than an A time standard. This meet is held at the end of each Short Course and Long Course season. This is a championship meet for which coaches will use a training method called “taper” in preparing swimmers.

State Meets: 

State meets are open to all qualifiers with a “Champ” or other State qualifying time-and faster. Minnesota qualifying time standards can be found on our website under the Meets/Events tab or on the Minnesota Swimming website.

Zone Meets: 

"Zone" meets are regional championships for qualifying swimmers age 14 and under and are held annually by USA Swimming. USA Swimming divides the country into four zones and Minnesota is a member of the Central Zone. Minnesota swimmers with qualifying times can join Team Minnesota for the competition each August. Each zone hosts its own Zone meet (or meets) and names a Zone Champion. Central Zone meets are hosted in either Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois or Indiana.

Speedo Sectional Meets: 

Speedo Sectionals provide the next level of competition for qualifying swimmers. Speedo Sectional meets have no age groups and all event seeding is based only on qualifying times. This meet is usually held at a premier location.

NCSC Junior Nationals: 

NSCA Junior Nationals are held each March for qualifying swimmers aged 18 and under and is hosted by the National Swim Coaches of America (NSCA). In past years, this meet has been held in Orlando.

USA Swimming Junior National Championships: 

USA Junior Nationals are exclusively for swimmers age 18 and under and the meet is held twice annually—each December (short course) and each August (long course). These meets serve as stepping stones to the top national and international-level meets for 18 and under athletes. Qualifying times for this meet are faster than the NSCA Junior National meet in March.

USA Swimming National Championships/US Open: 

These top national-level competitions are held at different times throughout the year and serve as qualifying meets for international-level competitions. There is no age limitation for these meets.

US Nationals: 

US Nationals (held twice yearly) are the top annual championship meets in the country. America’s fastest swimmers compete at US Nationals—qualification times for this elite senior meet are faster than for the US Open. 

Olympic Trials:

Olympic Trials are held every four years to select swimmers for the summer Olympic Games. This elite senior selection meet has qualifications times faster than US Nationals. The top two swimmers in each individual event (plus a few additional freestylers) are selected for the US Olympic Team.