All non-athlete members of USA Swimming and all adult athletes (ages 18+) are required to complete the Athlete Protection Training by clicking the link below.  New members will be required to have their application form and payment processed by the Rochester Swim Club before you can sign in to complete the course.  

The certification is required for all new and existing members including coaches, officials, chaperones, meet directors, and adult athletes.  If you have registered with USA Swimming for the first time, this is the course you ened to take.  Click HERE to for more information and to complete the course!

USA Swimming is committed to fostering a fun, healthy and safe environment for all of its members.  To help increase awareness and reduce the risk of abuse, Safe Sport has launched a new online course to help parents and coaches identify and address bullying behaviors.

USA Swimming's Safe Sport provides voluntary training for athletes
Training for Parents
is provided as well.

The online program is free for USA Swimming non-athlete members.  It can be accessed HERE

Lessons include:

  • How to define bullying
  • Why bullying is a problem
  • What the difference types of bullying are
  • How bullying happens
  • How to prevent an athlete from being bullied
  • How to manage conflict between the individuals involved

Bullying behaviors lead to a negative team environment if not handled properly and quickly.  Unfortunately, they can be alarmingly normal in youth sports settings.