Due to COVID 19, our club has established guidelines and procedures to provide a safe and healthy environment for our athletes:

Monticello Middle School Pool Location Drop Off Procedure:
Athlete Drop Off Procedure:

-Athletes should arrive in their suits and enter building through the Commons Doors (West of the Main Entrance)
  -This will be marked with signs
-Lockerrooms and rest rooms are not available at this time, please plan accordingly

-Parents should drop swimmers off at the curb area, please arrive 10 minutes prior to start of your workout session
-At this point in time, adults are not allowed on the pool deck or spectator area


Athlete Pick up Procedure:

-Athletes will exit the pool and take their belongings and exit the pool through the north door and exit the building through the Commons Entrance
-Parents are to wait in their vehicles for athletes to pick them up,
-Parents of younger swimmers may wait outside the door but off to side to allow at least 6-10 feet of distancing between them and any other athlete or family


Becker Aquatics Center
Drop Off Procedure:

-Arrive 10 minutes before start of your session
-Athletes should arrive in suits with Becker COVID Survey completed by parents each day. If we do not have a copy of the survey, the athlete is not able to swim. Blank copies will be available for families to fill out, but it is preferred that families fill these out before hand.
-Athletes will enter through marked doors into the pool area
-Spectators will not be allowed during practice
-All equipment/bags should be placed on deck and social distancing guidelines will be enforced throughout time in the facility

Becker Athlete Pickup Procedure:
-Athletes will be dismissed from the pool area and parents are to pick them up outside of the building in the parking lot area
-Athletes will not be able to shower or change, but can wrap up in a towel or shorts and t-shirt over their suits before leaving
-Parents should be there within 10 minutes of the end of the practice session