Coach's Notes 1.2.2022

Sharon Moran

Happy New Year!!! We are officially in the back-half of our competitive season. Don’t blink or it will come and go before you know it.

  • Jan 8/9 is the Monticello Meet. This meet is closed and is in the final approval process. Programs and timelines should be out mid-week. Our team will be swimming in the morning session each day. There will be 65 swimmers for NHCP in this meet.
  • The Foxjet upper level meet is closed and entries are sent.
  • Jan 29/30 NHCP will host a sprint meet PLUS distance time trial. This is a fun two session meet. We split our team in two groups. One group (Silver, Gold and Senior) competes on Saturday and the other (Tuna, Fish and Bronze) swims on Sunday. Our meet director is waiting to get visiting team numbers to know how to better balance the athlete numbers. We may need to move the Silver group to Sunday to keep numbers balanced. We should know more soon. Please refer to the meet page for more information on our meet.
  • Sea Devil Meet will be the last regular season meet.
  • Important general reminders:
    • Parents and siblings are not allowed on the pool deck.  This is an insurance issue as well as a major distraction to the coaches and swimmers. There are no viewing stands in the the Sandburg location. It is a very small seating area  located behind the railing just as you enter the pool area. Please stay behind the railing.
    • Watching practice can be fun. The Sandburg location has parents sitting just about 10 feet from the water's edge. This can be a problem when coaches are trying to work with swimmers while parents are either trying to coach or talk to their swmimers. If this becomes an issue we will need to find a solution.
    • Coaches have been told that while we are working and communicating with swimmers we may remove masks, people in the stands need to wear masks. This seems to change weekly and it depends on which district and which community ed person you talk with. Who knows what two weeks from now will be like.
    • Safe sport recommendations, requirements as well as our insurance coverage do not allow for parents in the locker rooms. Many locations will have a hall bathroom for the general public. Please use those public restrooms. Sandburg does not have this option. If someone other than a swimmer needs to use the bathroom at Sandburg, one of the coaches will need to make sure that the locker room is clear for an adult to enter. Should a swimmer need to go to the bathroom while the adult is in the locker room then that swimmer will need to wait. I know that seems a bit extreme but that is something we need to follow. This also includes after practice changing time. Adults cannot be in the locker rooms while swimmers are changing, showering or using the facilities. This is for everyone’s protection.
  • Minnesota weather will be rearing it’s ugly head over the next few weeks. Please make sure that your swimmer is properly dressed.
  • SANDBURG POOL. As you may have gathered from this note, we are getting close to moving our Tunas, Fish and Bronze traning groups back to the Sandburg location. Robbinsdale Community Ed. shared with me three weeks ago that the pool would re-open on Jan 3rd.  Being cautious, I wasn’t going to make any major changes to the calendar until I had a final confirmation. As of Dec 30th, Robbinsdale community ed had not been able to verify the Jan. 3rd re-start date.  Hopefully, there will be a confirmation of a re-open date this week. Once this happens then future dates will be cleaned up. The Saturday Tunas and Bronze will resume their Saturday pracitces and we will shift week days back to Tuesday and Thursdays as was listed out in the registration informaiton. Until then we will continue to use BMS this week and possibly the next week. I know the Tuna, Fish and Bronze coaches are more than ready to get back to their home pool.