Good News!

Sharon Moran

Good News!

The senior swimmers are having practice in the Sandburg pool this evening. We want to make sure everything is ready for next week. It is important that the timed locks are synched with our permit and key cards as well as working hallway and parking lot lights. I am confident that things will line up correctly. Because of this, I have updated our training calendars. However, I always want a back-up option should things go south. I am hanging on to BMS permits just a little longer in case we need to move back to BMS at the last minute. Let’s hope that all goes well.

The plan for next week is for the  Bronze, Fish and Tuna 1 and 2 training groups to resume their training schedule as originally planned. There are only two Saturday practices that fall on meet days that these swimmers would attend. In those cases, practice is scheduled for the Friday of that week.

We love the Sandburg pool. It is hands down the best location for younger and newer swimmers. Our coaches appreciate both ends being shallow, having a separate diving area, not needing to prep and tear down the pool after each practice, working clocks at both ends, a dedicated parking lot for the pool pick up and drop off, and having flexibility to bring in snacks for fun practices etc.

Go Tunas!