Coach's note 1.13.2022

Sharon Moran

Just a few important notes and updates:

  • Coaches are finishing the entries for the NHCP sprint meet. If your swimmer is interested in swimming a distance time trial, please have them talk with their coach. There is limited space in this trial.
  • The Sea Devil meet is a three-session meet. Saturday will have a session for younger swimmers one for older swimmers. Sunday will be one session and offer distance events.
  • Once the winter season is over there will be a short break. This will give our coaches some down time to spend with their families and give swimmers time off.
  • The next season will start in early to mid-April.
  • The Sandburg pool is now back on the schedule and everyone is happy! Parents who are first timers in this facility may have noticed that the viewing area and locker rooms are small. With smaller locker rooms and these swimmers being younger, it is best that swimmers continue arrive ready for practice and be able to put clothes back over the top of suits after practice. Coaches are not allowed in the locker rooms to monitor mask wearing after practice and help swimmers who may need some assistance.
  • Please refer to the calendar daily. There are upcoming district closures, swim meets and school activities. Thursday, January 20th is a challenging day. Almost all the pools have HS swim meets and Sandburg has a training in place until 6:30 that day. Because of this, there are a few practices cancelled and the Tunas are moved to Tuesday that week. Another challenging day is Tuesday,Feb 1st. This is election/caucus night. According to the state law, no facility or district hosting an election/caucus can have any events scheduled from 6-8pm that evening. School districts who have ONE building in use for elections/caucus will shut down all their buildings that same night.  Breck is the only building open. All others are closed. The Sandburg practices are pending a new day/location for this day.

Go Tunas!