Upcoming meets

Sharon Moran

Our LAST weekend of regular season competition is Feb 11 and 12. We will have two meets this weekend. The Sea Devil meet and the MAKO Mile meet. Everyone should be attending the Sea Devil meet on Saturday and a large number should be attending the Sunday mid-distance day at Sea Devil as well. They are offering the 1000 for those who are looking to update your time in the 1000.

On Sunday in Hudson, Wisconsin there is the MAKO MILE meet. This is the only and last opportunity to swim the mile before the MRCs and State meets. The senior D-crew should be entering this event. Other swimmers interested in the mile can sign up but know that I may not approve this meet for you. It may be more appropriate to take advantage of the mid-distance events at the Sea Devil meet as well as the 1000 that they are offereing.

It is ok to swim both meets. Please note in the message section if you are going to attend the Sunday MAKO Mile. That way there will be no Sunday Sea Devil events entered for your swimmer.