Coach's Notes 1.24.2023

Sharon Moran

Wow! Our season is now heading into the final ramp up before finals. The next 6 weeks are going to fly by. Try not to blink or you will miss it. Here is a quick list of current things you need know:

  • NHCP home meet is this weekend. 127 NHCP swimmers are competing in this meet. As always, I anticipate that we will run a great meet.
  • The Sea Devil entries are now closed and have been sent.
  • Our club is recertifying as a Safe Sport team. This is done every two years. A note went out a few days ago. We are asking that everyone take the time to read that note and act upon it. Being Safe Sport recognized helps us be a better club, a safer club and a more responsive club to all matters of safety for our athletes and those that attend our meets. THIS IS IMPORTANT.
  • Championship season: MN Swimming is planning an MRC (Minnesota Regional Championships) and Age and Sr State meets. They are not providing a MAC (Minnesota Achievement Championship) this season. THIS year those in charge of this at MN swimming are allowing some Bronze swims at the MRC. Many believe the MRC was adjusted to include some Bronze events after teams pushed back. In August when the teams learned there would be no MAC meet, Monticello agreed to set up a Bronze Core 94 championship the weekend before the MRC. As coaches, we feel it important that the Bronze and lower-level swimmers have recognition with their leveled championship. Our club will be observing the original intent of the MRC meet and be sending entries that meet the Silver and Gold times standards.  Swimmers entering the Core 94 Championship who earn a Silver or Gold time at this meet can swim that newly achieved swim at the next weekend’s MRC
  • What is the MAC, MRC and State meets?
    • The MAC meet is a champ style meet for swimmers with Bronze times and below.
    • The MRC is for those with Silver and Gold times. 
    • State meets (Age Group and Senior) are for those swimmers who have earned State cuts OR who are the overall winner of their event at the MRC meet. This is called...Win it /Swim it.. There is also an opportunity at the state level to send relays. If your swimmer is interested in being considared for a relay at state meet then sign up for the meet. We will be choosing the fast combination of swimmers as well as a few alternates. It never fails that every year we need to shuffle relays to accomodate injury, illness or a swimmer who may need to be pulled to rest for an individual event.
  • Practice Calendar: The next two weeks have plenty of shifts that have been on the calendar since the start of the season and a few that were just updated yesterday. These are all due to HS meets ramping up, school concerts, coach availability and swim lessons. The Senior program, Silver and Gold training teams have most of the shifts (days, times and locations). The Tunas training team has the occasional Wednesday practice when there is a Saturday meet. Please note the location of practice this week.
  • Team Banquet. Stay tuned for a save-the-date email. If you have any pictures to share, please send these to Lynne Donaghy, our Age Group Vice President.
  • Pre-Team-Swim Clinic/Try Outs will be March 7-10. Registration for this event will open on Feb 1st. We will only be accepting 24 swimmers for this event. Pass the word. These swimmers will be able to register for the spring season with current members. Information and participant requirements can be found on our website under the "Joining" tab.
  • New swimmers not attending the clinic will need to wait until our members (current and swim clinic) have a chance to register for spring. If there are any unclaimed spots, we may have individual tryouts in April to fill those spots. We will not hold a second round of tryouts if there are no openings. This means that when registration launches in March, our current membership should register quickly.
  • Experienced swimmers transferring from other USA teams should contact Sharon to determine the appropriate training team..