Minnesota Swimming Meet Officials

Chances are that you’ve seen several official looking individuals in white polo shirts around the pool during swim meets. Who are these people? They are certified Minnesota Swimming Meet Officials. To hold officially sanctioned swim meets, NHCP MUST have a minimum number of officials present. As such, we are always on the lookout for individuals willing to become certified officials.

There are several types of officials needed:

  • Stroke and Turn Officials observe the swimmers in the water to ensure that their strokes and turns meet legal standards. This position is the entry into the officiating process.
  • The Starter is the individual that is responsible for starting each race.
  • The Admin Official works at the results table and oversees the meet entries, seeding events, and operating the timing equipment.
  • The Deck Referee oversees the entire meet and the other officials.

Generally all officials are volunteers, however it is common for clubs that are hosting meets to provide Starters, Admins, and Referees with some level of honorarium. It is NHCP’s policy to provide Stroke and Turn officials (and other’s if they do not receive an honorarium) a $20 credit to their club account for the first 20 sessions that they officiate at annually. If an individual works more than 20 sessions in a calendar year, the credit changes to $10 per session up to a maximum of $599 for the calendar year. This credit applies to all NHCP home meets and away meets if NHCP has swimmers participating.

*Please note it is up to each official to send a screen shot/attachment of their USA Swimming Officials Tracking Database to the current VP of Finance ([email protected]) that notes which sessions they should receive credit for. To receive the credits, request must be submitted to VP of Finance within 30 days of each meet occurring.

**NHCP will cover MN Swimming membership and background check costs.

How to Become an Official:

1. Contact Brian Wright or Travis Ahlquist for more details.

2. Click “Steps to Becoming a Stroke and Turn Official” to view complete information as a PDF.