Reasons to become an official:

1. No fighting for a seat in the crowded stands (need I say more).

2. Best seats in the house.

3. Tease your kids about disqualifying them.

4. On deck with swimmers and coaches (although your kid(s) may hit you up for money more easily...).

5. Help NHCP and the sport of swimming as a whole.

6. NHCP will cover MN Swimming membership and background check costs.

Steps to Becoming an Official click on link to view PDF

Requirements of officials:

1. Officiate our home meets. The more officials on hand, the more breaks and easier it is for everyone involved.

Options for officials:

1. Officiate away meets. As you network with other officials, you may find you enjoy officiating - they are a great bunch of people.

2. Progress through the ranks toward paying positions. Each meet has 3 paid officials: a starter, a referee and a meet admin referee.

3. Become a member of MN Swimming board of directors. They open the Official's Chair every 2 years.