Practice Info

Welcome to the practice information page for NHCP. Here you will find everything you and your swimmer need to know about preparing for and attending practices at NHCP. Please check out the following links.


Once your swimmer has decided to participate in regular practice, you will need to register them for the session. Please make sure that your swimmer’s registration is up-to-date. This ensures that your swimmer is on the current roster, you will receive all relevant communications and your swimmer will be on pertinent lists for the session. Click here for registration information.


Click here to get up-to-date information on practices, upcoming meets, and club events. Last minute changes are posted at the top of the page. You will also find a calendar that you can sync to your device as well as downloadable .pdf files. For pool locations please click here.

Successful Training

NHCP is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe environment for all swimmers. This requires that all swimmers and swim families adhere to the Team Policies and the Sick Policy. Make sure that you and your swimmer have carefully read these policies and are doing your part to follow them.

Swimmers are assigned to Training Teams based on their age and skill level. Find a description of all NHCP teams here.

Your swimmer will need the right equipment to optimize their time and effort in the pool. Click here to learn what equipment your swimmer will need for practice.

NHCP wants your swimmer to reach their full potential so we have provided helpful nutritional hints your swimmer can consider to maintain a healthy and fit body.

Time Standards

MN Swimming provides time standards for each age group to help swimmers set goals and to ensure that swimmers are competing with others who have comparable times. When a swimmer participates in an event for the first time they will have no time (NT). The first goal is to achieve a C time. From there one moves to B, BB, A, CH (champ), and Zone.  Swimmers can earn the opportunity to swim at championship events by achieving certain time standards.