Safe Return to Swimming Information and Policy Updates

Please familiarize yourself and your athletes with latest 'safe return' information and policy updates.

 NSAC Safe Return to Practice Procedures_Phase II  (pdf)

Reminders and the step by step instructions for all practices at Chippewa Middle School. Chippewa is undergoing major construction. The main part of the building is off limits. All NSAC members will stay in the area by the pool. Any athlete wandering in the construction area will be immediately sent home and placed on the waitlist. 


  • Everyone will wear a MASK. 

  • Manage your expectations. We are doing the best we can. 

  • Our plans are changing rapidly. Practices are on a monthly schedule.

  • Chippewa Middle School is under construction.

  • All members must follow instructions. 

  • If you aren't "feeling well" STAY HOME. This is not a time to "tough it out"

  • Bring 2 water bottles.

  • Locker-rooms will be off limits

  • Due to construction, locker-room bathrooms are the only bathrooms available. There will be other groups using the locker-rooms.

  • DO NOT go to other parts of the school. 

  • Athletes will not be allowed to linger. 

  • Parents MUST pick up their athletes immediately. 

  • Parents will not be allowed in the pool. 

Step by Step

  • BE ON TIME. Triple check your practice time and allow EXTRA time. This means you need to be in the screening area 10 minutes prior to your practice time.

  • SHOWER prior to practice - just do it!

  • Arrive in your SUIT.

  • PARKING Due to construction, you may ONLY park by the tennis courts on the south side of the building. Other parking is reserved for construction.

  • SCREENING STATION - We will have orange cones set up for athletes to be screened. All athletes were assigned lanes. LANE 6 will be nearest to DOOR #32. Athletes will be lined up LANE 6-5-4-3-2-1

  • EVERYONE will get screened.

  • After screening, WALK 6 feet apart into the pool. We will have cones set up in the pool on the bleachers. These cones will serve as the athletes' staging area for belongings. The athlete in lane 6 will be at the north end of the bleachers. Athletes will line up LANE 6-5-4-3-2-1

  • ENTER - We will only be using DOOR #32. Which is the door nearest to the pool on the south side of the building by the baseball field. 

  • Then athletes will be instructed to remove their masks and proceed to their ASSIGNED lanes. 

  • Get your practice on!

  • When practice is over, you will pack up your gear. When instructed athletes will head back to their belongings, put their MASK ON, and get dressed. 

  • Following LANE 6 - athletes will EXIT out the north entrance of the pool by the girls locker-room. 

  • Athletes will then turn south and EXIT through DOOR #32. 

  • Athletes are not allowed to linger after practice.

  • Keep your hands to yourself!

Please keep in mind our #1 priority is safety of all members. Our #2 priority is following the guidelines set forth by Mounds View Schools. We will continue to update as we proceed. 

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