Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and promote aquatic sports for all ages and abilities in a safe, healthy, and positive environment; to encourage health and fitness and to produce athletes who are a credit to their sport and the community.

Our History

North Suburban Aquatic Club carries on the long tradition of organized competitive swimming in the northern Twin City suburbs that first started in 1982, when club swimming was initiated in our area to provide quality year-round training for local academic teams. Over the last score, the northern suburbs have produced high school and collegiate champions, and have sent swimmers to the highest levels of United States Competition. In 2003, North Suburban Instructional Aquatics, Inc. (NSAC’s parent organization) was officially formed as a 501c-3 organization to further the opportunities in competitive swimming to swimmers of all ages and abilities across the northern suburbs. NSAC is the primary competitive swim club in the area it serves. Run for the community and by the community, NSAC provides high quality programming while maintaining highly competitive rates that encourages anyone interested in competitive swimming to join the fun!

Currently, NSAC swimmers represent dozens of communities across the North Suburbs of the Twin Cities. During the high school seasons, our swimmers compete for a variety of high school teams, including Mounds View, Irondale, White Bear Lake, Centennial, Forest Lake, Roseville, St. Thomas Academy, Anoka, Fridley, Spring Lake Park and Columbia Heights.

Team Philosphy

It is the goal of the NSAC Coaching Staff to provide an environment in competitive swimming, which will give athletes and equal opportunity to develop as individuals of character and prepare them for the challenges and regards of life. Throughout the program we will promote:
  • Hard Work: Giving your all both mentally and physically at all times.

  • Commitment: Dedication and sacrifice are the roadways to becoming successful.

  • Excellence: Strive to reach your maximum potential in all that you do.

  • Sportsmanship: Acknowledge that you need your teammates and competitors in order to achieve your maximum potential and therefore treat them with the utmost respect and courtesy.

The process of setting and striving towards a goal is the key to developing the values and positive self-image that we are seeking for our athletes. It is our goal that, through participation in NSAC, athletes will acquire:
  • Knowledge of the importance of a healthy lifestyle; promoting balance, time management, proper conditioning, good nutrition, and healthy habits

  • How to place value in teamwork, team unity, and team pride

  • The development of high self-esteem through setting and achieving challenging goals

  • A lifelong love of swimming

North Suburban Aquatic Club (NSAC), as a member of USA Swimming, seeks to foster the growth and development of young people through participation in age group and senior swimming. NSAC provides an environment in which swimmers of all levels may develop to their fullest extent. The process of development and achievement is designed to carry over into personal development outside swimming.

Coaching of the new and/or young swimmer is oriented towards the development of the basics in swimming including the four strokes, turns and starts. Our emphasis in the early development states is to foster an enjoyment of the sport and will include, along with technique work, a certain amount of fun and games. The more experienced swimmer will be exposed to coaching that becomes increasingly oriented toward conditioning and advanced training concepts covering areas that include mental preparation and nutrition. A balance between technique work and conditioning is struck by gearing the pre-season to a greater degree of technique with a gradual shift to conditioning trainings as the season progresses.

The NSAC coaching staff is composed of people with a great deal of enthusiasm, dedication to swimmers, and a continuing desire to learn. The staff is currently comprised of many coaches with many years of age group and senior coaching experience. Frequent staff meetings are designed to knit together a cohesive approach to coaching and to generate a meaningful exchange of ideas that will benefit both coaches and swimmers.

With the development of swimmers as competitors comes the growth and maturation of an individual through discipline, hard work, trail and error, success and failure. It is important to realize that while swimming can make for a small world, it must be only a part of an individual’s life. The most successful swimmers have a good deal of positive support from parents, who realize that swimming is only a compliment to the development of their child and not the child’s only reason for existing. The experience of swimming can be the most beneficial if the goal setting process is carried out by the swimmer only, and not by the parent. It is from this perspective that the most lasting value is realized from participation with NSAC. Viewed in this respect, swimming can be a most enjoyable sport that is both exciting and useful.

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