Home Swim Meet -
To successfully run our home swim meet, we need all hands on deck! We are fortunate to be awarded swim meets and need to put on a good show so we are awarded swim meets next year.
Sign up online for the days and jobs you want.

Green Team- Support mixed paper and cardboard recycling and make money for our club.  Deposit your mixed paper and cardboard in the 2 containers located in the parking lot of Firehouse Liquors in Dundas. Waste Management pays the club $15/ton.  What a great way to help the community and make money for our swim club.

Defeat of Jesse James Days Water and Pop Sales
Yearly, at the DJJD, we sell pop and water to the masses of people roaming the streets for the fun gathering.

Amazon Smile -
If you shop on Amazon, you can raise money for the Northfield Swim Club. Simply use smile.amazon.com , designate Northfield Swim Club Inc. as your charity and start shopping. Donations will be automatically generated and given to the Northfield Swim Club. 

Community Service Activities:

Hour of Power
In memory of Carleton swimmer, Ted Mullin, we team up with other teams around the world to raise money for Sarcoma research. We swim continuous relays at all out effort. 100% of money raised goes toward research. See the Carleton website for the in-depth analysis of money raised and number of teams/athletes that participate. It's pretty amazing!


Participate in a flash mob park clean up at a local park in Northfield or your community.  Get your fellow Bull Sharks together and do some good together.  Remember to take pictures and submit to [email protected]