It is important for you, the swimmer, and us, the coaching staff, to see your swimming ability so that we can place you in the best group for your age and abilities.  

Swimming evaluations occur the first day of a session's Introductory Swim Clinic.  Check out the Swim Clinic tab for more information.  The evaluation will take between 5 and 15 minutes.

If you are interested in joining us and we are already in a session, contact Coach Chris Morgan about setting up an evaluation mid-session so a recommendation can be made for your son or daughter and you can receive the best knowledge moving forward.

Questions? Contact Coach Chris Morgan at [email protected].



Just select the registration button on the homepage of the website. Registration for all sessions, volunteer opportunities and swim meets are now held online.

It's a very user-friendly approach for club registrations that allows payments via debit/credit card if desired. Members must register BEFORE their first practice.

Updated October 2019