Northfield Bull Sharks Swim Club

Family Volunteer Commitment


VOLUNTEER COMMITMENT: To support the Club and your swimmer(s)


  • Each registered family needs to volunteer 12 hours per fall and winter sessions, 8 for spring and 8 for summer sessions.  Partial session volunteer requirements: mid session- 6 hours, quarter session- 3 hours.
  • Families who do not meet their obligation will be charged $20 per hour not worked, the month following the end of each session.
  • Please read the Q&A below to fully understand the importance of your volunteer time.





VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES/SESSION: Check the Events tab for listings of volunteer needs

  • Summer Session 
    • Northfield Community Services Fair (August)
    • Annual meeting and potluck (August)
    • Defeat of Jesse James Water Sales and Parade (September)
  • Fall Session​ 
    • Girls Varsity Concession Stands (Sept-Nov)
    • Northfield Hosted Novice Swim Meet (Friday night meet in November)
    • Northfield Hosted Invite Swim Meet (1st Weekend in December)
  • Winter Session​ 
    • Boys Varsity Concessions Stands (Dec-Feb)
    • Northfield Hosted MAC (Minnesota Achievement Championship) Swim Meet (February)
  • Spring Session​ 
    • water donations for DJJD
    • Northfield Hosted Swim Meet (May)

There may be other opportunities offered through each season.  Those events will be posted and emailed out to active members as the need arises.




Why is swim parent volunteering different than other club sports in town?

Volunteer support by our club parents is critical to the overall success of the club.  As with many club organizations parent volunteers are needed for a variety of activities.  Unlike some of the other club sports in town, we do not need parents as coach volunteers.  Our coaches are paid and well qualified to help the swimmers reach their goals and full potential and most importantly have fun in the water!   However, we do need parent volunteers to help support a variety of fund raising activities that support the club.  The time commitment is based on the needs of the club and while it may seem like a lot of time, one weekend of volunteer time at a meet is sufficient to attain the commitment.


I pay membership dues, isn’t that enough?

The membership dues (our primary revenue source) are used to pay coach’s salaries, pool rental, and miscellaneous club expenses. However, it is very critical to the success of the club that we generate additional revenue to supplement what is obtained through membership.   The primary source of that is through hosting swim meets and a few additional fund raising events throughout the year. Without the revenue from our volunteer staffed events membership dues would have to be increased.  


Can’t I just choose to pay and not volunteer?

Hosting swim meets are not only critical for generating revenue but it is also a very important part of our clubs standing within the MN Swimming organization and reputation with area clubs.  Hosting top quality/efficiently run meets helps us to establish a good reputation as a club and assist us in being invited to participate in local invitational meets (which are very critical for our swimmers).  It takes over 700 hours of volunteer time to run a 2 day meet which is why the volunteer commitment is so critical to the success of the club.  Paying for your volunteer hours does not help the club run a successful meet.  We understand weekends are important to families, but we ask for your support in the form of volunteer time as it directly affects your swimmer(s).


Updated: October 2019